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Pamphlet File (A - G)

The pamphlet file is comprised of pamphlets, articles and short monographs. It is located in an archives room in the Allison Library, and is availble for use by any library patron. Please ask a librarian if you wish to use any of the materials from this file. The materials are organized by subject.

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Adams, J. E. Living in Hope: Advent meditations from the writings of Henri Nouwen. 2007. 31pp.
Cantalamessa, R. Welcoming the Giver of all good gifts.  1989. 31pp.
Rolheiser, R. Daybreaks: Daily reflections for Advent and Christmas. 2005. 47pp.


Achineku, I. The AIDS Crisis in Africa: Our Christian Responsibility. Filed Under "AIDS"
Adeyemo, T. Reflections on the State of Christianity in Africa. 1995. 31pp.
Beukes, E., van Niekerk, A. S., et. al. Development in Africa. 1994. 61pp.
Crabbe, R.A., Megwa, E. G. et. al. Communication in Africa. 1993. 31pp.
Fehrsen, G. S., Ter Haar, G. et. al. Health in Africa. 1993. 34pp.
Hausa Mission. Northern Nigeria News Sheet. No. 95. 1950. 16pp.
Seerveld, C., Snyman, J. et. al. Art in Africa. 1993. 35pp.
Sichone, O.B., Turok, B., et. al. Africa and the New World Order. 1994. 36pp.
Smit, J. H., Deacon, M. et. al. Ubuntu in a Christian Perspective. 1999. 52pp.


Achineku, I. The AIDS Crisis in Africa: Our Christian Responsibility.
The AIDS Committee of Toronto. When a Friend has AIDS... 1986. 3pp.
Brant, Howard, and Don Stilwell. A Compassionate Response to AIDS. 1993. 12pp.
Fehrsen, G. S., Ter Haar, G. et. al. Health in Africa. 1993. 34pp. Filed Under "Africa"
Institute for Catholic Education. Aids Education: a pamphlet for parents. 1988. 4pp.

Alternative Religions (File #1)

Pamphlets from the Spiritual Counterfeits Project, Berkley, CA re: cults and new religious movements. (33 items).

Alternative Religions (File #2)

Pamphlets and articles regarding religious movements (The Way, Hare Krishna, Secret societies, Moonies, Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.)
Thomas, R. M. Bryce, My Reasons for Joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 1902. 31pp.


About Being an Episcopalian: a guide to more effective church membership. 1976. 15pp.
About the History of the Episcopal Church. 1983. 15pp.
Buchanan, Colin. Evangelical Anglicans and Liturgy. 1984. 24pp.
Crouse, Robert. Anglican Spirituality and The Book of Common Prayer. 1994. 6pp.
Curry, David. The Solemn Declaration: The Net of Memory. 1994. 14pp.
St. James' Anglican Church. What is a Christian? Central Doctrines of the Creed. 1995. 38pp.
Whalen, William. Reaching Out to the Episcopalians with Heart and Mind. 1984. 31pp.
Wood, Maurice A.P. To Every Man's Door: an introduction to parish visiting for the laity. 1960, 26pp.

Anthropology and Theology

Taber, Charles R. Is There More Than One Way to Do Theology? 1978. 36pp.


Smith, David Norman. The Social Construction of Enemies: Jews and the Representation of Evil. 1996. 37pp.


[Map of Europe and the Middle East with prophetic commentary]
Rauch, Joseph. Apocalypse in the Bible. 1919. 22pp.
Strubind, Kim. Apokalyptik und Bibelkanon: Zur Spatgeschichte des Prophetismus im Alten Testament. 1996. 40pp.
See also "Eschatology"


Anderson, J.N.D. The Evidence for the Resurrection. 1966. 28pp.
Bavinck, H. The Certainty of Faith. 1998. 46pp.
Boyd, R.L.F. Faith in This Space Age. 1963. 37pp.
Cassidy, Michael. Christianity for the Open-Minded. 1978. 44pp.
Dawson, W. Bell. Is Faith Founded on Certainty? n.d. 46pp.
Pope, Hugh. Why Believe the Bible? 1928. 31pp.
Simpson, John A. The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ. 1964, 16pp.
Taylor, Kenneth. Is Christianity Credible? 1951. 32pp.
Wilson, Jesse R. I Am a Christian. 1935. 64pp.
Young, Edward J. Do You Believe? 1954. 37pp.


Gasque, Laurel. International Christian Art Today: An Introductory Survey. 1994. 16pp.
Seerveld, Calvin. Telltale Statues in Watteau's Painting. 1981? 29pp.
Turner, Steve. Tonight We Will Fake Love: Poems, 1969-1973. 1974. 64pp.


Colquhuon, Frank. The Meaning of the Cross. 1947. 30pp.
Gibbs, Alfred P. The Uplifted Christ or The Cross. 1965. 70pp.
See also What is a Christian? Central Doctrines of the Creed under Anglicanism

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National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States. Baha'i Answers. 1957. 23pp.


Agnew, William. Baptism into what name? n.d. 23pp.
Botting, Michael. Twenty Questions on Baptism. 1964. 24pp.
Edwards, George M. et. al. Our Baptist Heritage. 1946. 22p.
Hill, John. Thinking about Baptism. 1982. 20pp.
Nicolson, M. The Ordinance of Baptism. n.d. 16p
Stibbs, A.M. Baptism into Christ. 1960. 16pp.


Child, R. L. Baptists and Christian Unity. 1948. 16pp.
Lang, George A. A Baptist Handbook. 1959.44pp.
Warren, Gordon C. Basic Baptist Beliefs. n.d. 14p

(See also Church in Canada, History for items about Canadian Baptists.)

Barth, Karl

Suh, Chul-won. Barthian Theology. 2000. 13pp.
Watson, G. A Study in St Anselm's Soteriology and Karl Barth's Theological Method. 1989. 19pp.
Wells, William W. The Reveille That Awakened Karl Barth. 1979. 10pp.
West, Charles C. Barth, Bonhoeffer and the Secularists on Human Religion. 1996. 13pp.
Young, Ernle W.D. Barth's Developing Views of Church/State Relations. 1977. 13pp.

Barth, Karl, on "man and woman"

Achtemeier, Elizabeth; Eberhard Busch; Martin Marty. Remembering Barth. 1986. 7pp.
Fiddes, Paul S. The Status of Woman in the Thought of Karl Barth. 1990. 17pp.
Green, Clifford. Liberation Theology? Karl Barth on Women and Men. 1974. 12pp.
McKelway, Alexander J. Perichoretic Possibilities in Barth's Doctrine of Male and Female. 1986. 13pp.
Paul, Shelly L. Patriarchal Anthropology: Spiritual Equality/Natural Subordination. 1997. 12pp.

Behe, Michael

Miscellaneous reviews and articles on Behe's book Darwin's Black Box.

Bible (General)

Benn, Tony. The Power of the Bible Today. 1995. 13pp.
Blaiklock, E.M. The Authority and Relevance of the Bible in the Modern World. 1975. 14pp.
From Creation to Re-Creation. [dispensational chart]
Green, E.M.B. The Authority of the Bible. 1963, 38pp.
Olthuis, James. Ambiguity is the Key: Remarks on H. M. Kuitert's view of Scriptures. 1969. 11pp.
Stibbs, A.M.The Gospel We Proclaim. 1965, 16pp.
Stibbs, A.M. The Meaning of the Word 'Blood' in Scripture. 1947. 32pp.
Thiselton, Anthony. b. 1974. 16pp.
Warfield, B.B. Revelation and Inspiration. 1941. 31pp.

Bible (Translations)

Ray, Chandu. The story of the Tibetan Bible. 1955. 7pp.
Tatford, Fredk A. This is not the bible. 1970. 16pp.

Biblical Criticism and Interpretation

Kuyper, Abraham. The Antithesis Between Symbolism and Revelation. n.d. 24pp.
Watson, Francis. What Does it Mean to Interpret the Bible Theologically? 2000. 10pp.
Wilson, Robert Dick. Is the Higher Criticism Scholarly? 1922. 62pp.

Biblical Theology

Tasker, R.V.G. The Biblical Doctrine of the Wrath of God. 1951. 48pp.

Biographies (file 1)

Baptist Union of Western Canada. Some Baptist Pioneers. n.d. 64pp.
Duke, Dotty. From Sadness to Joy. 1990. 26pp.
Harris, Elizabeth. Sister Miriam Teresa. 1960. 20pp.
Keener, Joseph. Saint Germaine. 1954. 45pp.
Knights of the Immaculata. The Hero of Auschwitz: The Story of BI. Maximilian Kolbe, O.F.M Conv. 1968. 47pp.
Lamb, G. H. C. F. Schwartz. 1948. 50pp.
Liebeschutz, Hans. Ranke. 1954. 20pp.
Mackie, J.D. John Knox. 1951. 24pp.
McCormack, James. St Vincent de Paul. n.d. 16pp.
Rothwell, Mel. George Washington Carver: a Great Scientist. 1944. 48pp.
Ryan, A. Saint Patrick: Apostle of Ireland. n.d. 24pp.

Biographies (file 2)

Archibald, Mabel E. The Lord Hath Done Great Things. n.d. 8pp.
Merrick, Earl. Sent from God: A Brief Biography of John Bates McLaurin. n.d. 12pp.
Robinson, T. H. Terrot Reaveley Glover MA, DD, LLD. of Cambridge: Scholar and Christian. 1943. 16pp.
Wade, Harry F. Five Miles Closer to Heaven. 1945. 60pp.

See also History folder

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Calvin / Calvinism

Hall, Basil. John Calvin. 1956. 40pp.
Hexham, Irving R. Calvinism and Culture: A Historical Perspective. 1979. 16pp.
Marshall, P. A Calvinist Political Theory. 1991. 48pp. Filed Under "Politics"
Martin, A.N. The Practical Implications of Calvinism. 1979. 23pp.
Runner, H. Evan. The Development of Calvinism in North America on the Background of its Development in Europe. 1957. 22pp.
Schrotenboer, P. G., Troost, A. et. al. God's Order for Creation. 1994. 70pp.
van der Walt, B.J. From Noyon to Geneva: A Pilgrimage in the Steps of John Calvin. 1979. 71pp.
Veenhof, J. The Relationship Between Nature and Grace according to H. Bavinck. 1994. 31pp.
Zylstra, Bernard. Who Was Groen? 1956. 8pp.

Catholic Related Materials Part 1

Allnatt, C.F.B. St. Peter in Rome. 1937. 35pp.
Beresford, Robert. The Teaching of John Paul II: Peace. 1982. 18pp.
But Can it be found in the Bible? 1949. 48pp.
C.I.S. Extension Course based on The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Revised Edition of the Baltimore No. 3 Catechism. 1950.
Canon Joseph Cadijn: The Worker's Apostle. 1947. 59pp.
Catholic Action Priests' Bulletin. Feb.-April 1948.
Catholic Action Priests' Magazine. May-June 1948.
The Catholic Church in Korea: Past and Present 1976, 23pp.
The Church in our Day: A Collective pastoral...on the mystery of the Church... prepared in light of the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church adopted by Vatican Council II.... 1968. 78pp.
Converts tell of their happiness. n.d. 32pp.
The Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary. n.d. 70pp.
Elvins, Mark. Old Catholic England. 49pp.
Forrest, M.D. Who is the Pope? 1931. 32pp.
Hannon, W. B. Memoir of a great convert. 1920. 76pp.

Catholic Related Materials Part 2

Hugo, John. In the Vineyard: Essays on Catholic Action. 1942. 52pp.
Is the Catholic Church a Menace to Democracy? 1950. 32pp.
Ives, Sillman. The Trials of a Mind: or from Protestant Bishop to Catholic Layman. 1919. 70pp.
LaFarge, John. Four Great Converts [including G. K. Chesterton]. 1930. 28pp.
Let us judge Catholics by the Bible. 1951. 40pp.
Lord, Daniel. A Letter to our Non-Catholic Neighbors. 1953. 24pp.
Markham, Raphael J. Apostolate to Assist Dying Non-Catholics. 1947. 22pp.
Martin, George. An Introduction to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. 1975. 15pp.
McDonnell. Catholic Pentecostalism: Problems in Evaluation. 1970. 58pp.
O'Brien, John. Why not get a divorce?: The answer of the Catholic Church.1937. 16pp.
Pius XII, Pope. Assumpta Est Maria. 1950. 24pp.
Reinhardt, Kurt. The Commonwealth of Nations and the Papacy. 1942. 26pp.
Shall we have children?: The ethical aspects of the planned parenthood movement. 1947. 48pp.
Sheed, F. J. Ground Plan for Catholic Reading; with a note on reading and education. 1941. 38pp.
To Proclaim Christ Jesus: The Redemptorists in North America. 62pp. Ullathorne. The Conventual Life. 1914. 32pp.
Wynne, John J. Priests and People Co-operate in Holy Mass. 1938. 62pp.
You Hear Strange Things about Catholics: But are they true? 1948. 32pp.


Hares, W. P. Some Doctrines of teh Church of Rome Examined 2nd edition. n.d. 28 pp.

Chemical Dependencies (12 step programs)

Alcoholism: A Treatable Disease. 1987. 17pp.
Chemical Dependence and Recovery: A Family Affair. 1987. 31pp.
Chemical Dependence: Yes you can do Something. 1987. 20pp.
The Family Enablers. 1987. 15pp.
Farrell, Joseph. A Message of Hope: One Day at a Time: Meditations and Prayers on the Eleventh Step. 1976. 61pp.
Jensen, James G. Step 2: A Promise of Hope. 1980. 11pp.
---. Step 3: Turning it Over. 1980. 7pp.
Leite, Evelyn. Detatchement: The Art of Letting Go While Living with an Alcoholic. 1987. 22pp.
Leite, Evelyn. How it Feels to be Chemically Dependant. 1987. 15pp.
Mann, George. The Dynamics of Addiction. 1987. 12pp.
Recovery of Chemically Dependent Families. 1987. 11pp.
Springborn, William. Step 1: the Foundation of Recovery. 1983. 15pp.


Hucker, Charles O. Some Approaches to China's Past. 1973. 71pp.
Purcell, Victor. The Rise of Modern China. 1962. 36pp.
Tang, Edmund. The Catholic Church in the People's Republic of China. 1990. 34 pp.

Christian Education

Noelliste, Dieumeme. Toward a Theology of Theological Education. 1993. 18pp.
Seerveld, Calvin. Cultural Objectives for the Christian Teacher. n.d. 25pp.
Seerveld, Calvin. The Song of Moses and the Lamb: The Joke of A.R.S.S. Education. 1965. 31pp.
Sewell, K. C. The Idea of a Free Christian University [in Australia]. 1995. 17pp.
The Christian Community in the Academic World. 1964. 20pp.
Van Der Laan, H.; De Graaff, A.H.; et. al.. The Ideal of Christian Schools. [includes article Christian schools in Canada; reflections on the present status.] 1997. 80pp.
Waltke, Bruce K. Dogmatic Theology and Relative Knowledge [article on philosophies of education in theological schools]; 1979, 4pp.
Waltke, Bruce. My Philosophy of Christian Education. 1994. 34pp.
See also "Education"

Christianity and Culture

Derham, A. Morgan. Why Be Different? 1952. 39pp.
Hoeksema, Herman. The Christian and Culture. 1956. 16pp.
Popma, K.J. Calling, Task, and Culture. n.d. 14pp.
Rice, John R. Lodges Examined by the Bible. 1943. 80pp.
Runner, H. E. The Christian and the World. n.d. 35pp.
Runner, H. Evan. Point Counter Point. n.d. 13pp.
Schrotenboer, Paul G. Man in God's World. n.d. 22pp.

Church Growth

Kim, John Eui-whan. Spiritual Movement & Church Renewal in Korea. 2000. 6pp.
Skinner, Craig. Leading Local Church Growth: Biblical Principles and their Practice Today. 1977. 50pp.

Church in Canada, History of (Baptists)

Baptist Union of Western Canada. On the Western Front. 1941. 22pp.  
Dominion Committee: Women's Baptist Missionary Society of Canada. Come wind, come weather: Stories of Baptist beginnings in Canada. 1947. 63pp.
Kirkconnell, Watson. The Baptists of Canada: A "Pocket-book" History. 1958. 19pp.
McDonald, J. R. Ninety milestones of the ninty years.1963.4pp.
Meek, Donald E. Island Harvest: A history of Tiree Baptist Church, 1838-1988.1988.57pp.
Rawlyk, George A. Henry Alline and the Canadian Baptist Tradition. 1977. 15pp.
Trites, Stewart D. First Baptist Chruch: Brandon, Manitoba. 100th Anniversary, 1885-1985. 1983.16pp.
Union of French Baptist Churches in Canada. French Canada: A Time to Grow.

Church in Canada, History of (United Church)

Dunbar Heights United Church of Canada. Our Yesterdays 1914-1968. 1968. 56pp.

Church, Ministry of

99 ideas that work: For Sunday school teachers and other church leaders. 1988. 25pp.
Hitchen, John M. Bible Teaching in the Local Church. n.d. 16pp.
Phillips, W. J. What Prevents Us? Blocks to Congregational Vitality. 1987. 21pp.
Spykman, G.J. and H. Hart.  Rediscovery of the Church I 1996. 44pp.
Zylstra, B. and J.C. Vanderstelt. Rediscovery of the Church II. 1996. 48pp.
See also "Small Groups"

Church Work with the Sick

An Act of Prayer. n.d. 1p.
Concerning Divine Healing and the Laying on of Hands.n.d. 2pp.2pp.
Concerning Prayers for Healing and the Laying on of Hands. n.d. 2pp.
Institute for Reformational Studies. What to do when you are ill. 1999. 25pp.
Ministration to the Sick. n.d. 5pp.
Ministry to the Sick. n.d.. 3pp.
ReClaiming the Church's Healing Ministry: Basic Concepts. 2000?. 5pp.

Church/State Relations

Kirk, P.T.R. The Christian Attitude to the State. 1935. 35pp.
Lutheran Church in America.  2 statements on church/state and prayer and public schools. 1964, 1966. 8pp.
Parsons, Wilfrid. The Church and the State. 1927. 32pp.
See also "Politics/Political Theory"

Churches (Architecture, Buildings, Histories of Parishes)

Blunden, Edmund. The Great Church of the Holy Trinity Long Melford. 1966. 20pp.
MacDonald, Fred. The Congregation of Green Hill - Alma United Church (1947-1975).  [Nova Scotia] n.d. 43pp.
The College of the New Close of the Vicars within the Liberty of Wells. n.d. 23pp.
A Guide to Glastonbury and its Abbey. 1971. 39pp.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, St. John's Newfoundland, 1842-1942. 1942. 59pp.
The Story of New Sarepta Moravians...New Sarepta, Alberta, Canada. 1954. 22pp.

Churches (Denominations)

Black Baptists in America and the Origins of Their Conventions 1961, 12pp.
Landis, George. My Reasons for my Resignation as Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Newcastle, Pa. and from the Baptist Ministry. 1932. 20pp.
Maritime United Baptist Convention.The Baptists of Canada: the Baptist Federation of Canada and its Constituent Conventions.  1951, 15pp.
Moyes, Canon. Why Catholics Pray to the Blessed Virgin; and A Word Upon The Rosary. 1930. 23pp.
Nettles, Tom. An Introduction tot he Southern Baptists. 1986.32pp.
Paul, Rev. Elbert. The Baptist Church:its principles and practices.  n.d. 15pp.
Shapers of Southern Baptist Heritage. 10 pamphlets.
See Also "Anglicanism," "Plymouth Brethren," and "Vineyard Churches"

Clergy/Laity Relations

Flaugher, Ronald.  A Study of the American Mainline Clergy: Variety and Plurality Within a Profession. 1993. 60pp.
Zens, Jon. The Clergy/Laity Distinction: A Help or a Hindrance to the Body of Christ? 1995. 14pp.


Davies, John R. Biblical Precedents for Contextualisation. 1994. 25pp.
Hesselgrave, David J. The Contextualization Continuum. 1979. 25pp.

Conversion / Transformation

Growing into Christ. n.d. 15pp.
Jacobs, Donald R. Culture and the Phenomena of Conversion. 1978. 36pp.
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martin. Conversions: Psychological and Spiritual. 1959. 40pp.

Cox, Harvey

A Dialogue with Harvey Cox. 1975. 11pp.
Rose, Stephen. The Grass Roots Church. n.d. 3pp.
Cox, Harvey. Comments on 'The Grass Roots Church. n.d. 2pp.

Cromwell, Oliver

A brave bad man: Oliver Cromwell, 1599-1658." 1999. 18pp.
Cook, Sarah G. The Congregational Independents and the Cromwellian Constitutions.  n.d. 23pp.
Cromwell, Oliver. Letter to his brother-in-law after the Battle of Marston Moor, 1644. 1644. 2pp.
-----. Marston Moor. 1644. 1p.
Gardiner, Samuel R. Cromwell's Place in History. n.d. 116pp.
Haller, William. The Word of God in the New Model Army.  n.d. 19pp.
Headley, Joel T. Luther and Cromwell. n.d. 55pp.
Katz, David S. English Redemption and Jewish Readmission in 1656.  n.d. 19pp.
Morrill, John. Textualizing and Contextualizing Cromwell. 1990. 11pp.
Rempel, Gerhard. Oliver Cromwell: Constitutional Crisi in England.  2001. 7pp.
Simpson, Alan. Saints in Arms: English Puritanism as Political Utopianism.   n.d. 7pp.


Stott, John R. W. Culture and the Bible. 1979. 47pp.

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Dead Sea Scrolls

The Biblical Archaeologist 1949. Articles by Mar A.Y. Samuel, and Frank M. Cross. 19pp.
Martin, W.J. The Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah.
Psalm Scroll from Qumran. 1979. 13pp.


Cohon, Samuel S. The Origin of Death. 1919. 25pp.
Crouch, Muriel.  Coming to Terms with Suffering and Death.  n.d. 12pp.

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Early Christianity

Borchardt, C.F.A.  Cyprian on Patience.  1992. 9pp.
Burn, A. R.  The Government of the Roman Empire: from Augustus to the Antonines.  1952. 20pp.
Dunstone, A.S.  The Atonement in Gregory of Nyssa. 1963. 29pp.
Jenkins, R. J. H.  The Byzantine Empire on the Eve of the Crusades.  1953. 24pp.
Norris, Frederick W.  The Social Status of Early Christianity.  1979. 25pp.
Schweizer, Eduard.  The Testimony to Jesus in the Early Christian Community.  1985. 21pp.


Lutheran Church in America.  The Human Crisis in Ecology.  1972. 6pp.
Bockmuhl, Klaus; trans. by Bruce N. Kaye.  Conservation and Lifestyle.  1975. 24pp. Filed Under "Ethics"
Chimuka, A.T. and Gousmett, C.  Responsibility for our Natural Environment.  1997.
Environmental Problems Group of the Shaftesbury Project. A World to Waste. 1977. 32pp.


Monsma, G.N.  Economic Theory and Practice in Biblical Perspective.  1998. 26pp.
Ver Eecke, W.  The Limits of Both Socialist and Capitalist Economies.  1996. 12pp.
See Also "Marx / Marxism"


Augusto, Francisco, et. al.  Church and Conflict: A Call for Dialogue.  1989. 34pp. Filed Under "Social Justice"
Bendor-Samuel, T. H. New Delhi and after: an examination of developments in the ecumenical movement, British Evangelical Council, n.d. 14pp.
Bruce, F.F. et. al. Christian Unity. Papers at a conference of Brethren at Swanwick, Derbyshire, in June, 1964.    69pp.
Carson, H. M.  Christian Unity.  1962. 67pp.
Fahey, Michael A.  Assembly 2000 A.D.: Preparing for a Truly Ecumenical Gathering of Christians.  1980. 14pp.
Kim, Sung-Tae.  A Theological Reflection on the Meaning of Church Unity and Ecumenism in Terms of the History of the Korean Presbyterian Church.  2000. 13pp.
Nelson, J.R., et al.  The Lima Document: Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry.  1983. 33pp.
Vatican Council II.  Ecumenism.  n.d. 19pp.
World Conference on Faith and Order. Report of the Second World Conference on Faith and Order (Edinburgh, August 3-18, 1937). 1937. 54pp.


du Toit, Piet.  Building Bridges in Multicultural Schools Through Structured Discussion Groups.  1995. 15pp.
Grandy, Jerilee.  Participation in Religious Activities by College-Bound High School Seniors.  1993. 30pp.
Morken, Hubert.  The Naked Public School: Religion, Education, and Character in the Aftermath of Columbine.  1999. 13pp.
Welch, Doplh, ed.  Educational Modulation Center: Model for Education of Learning Disability Children.  1969. 33pp.
See also "Christian Education"

Erasmus: International Bulletin of Contemporary Scholarship

Vol 23, 1971 No. 13-14, 15-16, 21-22, 23-24
Vol 24, 1972 No. 3, 5, 6, 7-8, 11-12, 23-24
Vol 25, 1973 No. 1-2, 3-4, 7-8, 11,13-14, 15-16, 21, 22
Vol 26, 1974 No. 10, 11-12, 20, 23-24
Vol 27, 1975 No. 3-4, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17, 18, 19-20
Vol 28, 1976 No. 5-6
Vol 30, 1978 No. 11, 12, 15-16


Heffren, H.C.  The Sign of His Coming.  1951. 64pp.
Marshall, I.H.  Eschatology and the Parables.  1963. 48pp.
Pember, G.H.  The Translation of the Church.  n.d. 26pp.
Scofield, C.I.   The Truth About Heaven.  1916. 32pp.
Webber, David F. Satan's Kingdom and the Second Coming. n.d. 43 pp.
See also,  "Apocolyptic"


Bamford, A.G., et al.  Second Thoughts on the New Morality.  1965. 63pp.
Bockmuhl, Klaus; trans. by Bruce N. Kaye.  Conservation and Lifestyle.  1975. 24pp.
Chimuka, A.T. and Gousmett, C.  Responsibility for our Natural Environment.  1997. Filed Under "Ecology"
Christian Medical and Dental Society.  Opinions on Ethical and Social Issues.  1991. 28pp.
Ellison, Marvin M.  A Time to Plant, a Time to Pluck: Ethical Reflections on Suicide and Assisted Suicide.  1995. 18pp.
Gardner, R. F. R. Moral dilemmas in contraceptive developments. 1973. 20pp.
Green, Peter.  Christian Ethics or The Science of Right Conduct.  1921. 32pp.
Higginson, Richard.  The Agony of Moral Dilemmas.  1990. 12pp.
Lazareth, William H.  Love and Law in Christian Life.  1978. 8pp.
Overduin, Daniel C.  Matters of Life and Death: Bioethical Issues in Christian Perspective.  1995. 7pp.
Porter, Nancy; Nancy Taylor.  How to Assess the Moral Reasoning of Students.  1972. 57pp.
Smyth, Harley S.  Motive and Meaning in Medical Morals.  1977. 12pp. Filed Under "Medical Ethics"

Eucharist / Communion

Catechisme de Premiere Communion. 1911. 16pp.
Cully, Iris.  We Give Thanks: A Guidebook for Parents of children Preparing for First Communion.  1976. 23pp.
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. Four Critiques on Confirmation and First Communion. c1972. 27pp.
Palmer, Benjamin.Communion of the Blood of Christ.  n.d., 34pp.
Sutton, Ray R.  Presuppositions of Paedocommunion.  1982. 4pp.
What every Episcopalian should know about the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.  1984. 15pp.
Winger, Roger E.  The Practice of Close Communion.  1995. 6pp.


National Council of Churches.  Congregational Vitality: Foundation for Intergrity in Evangelism.  1983. 21pp.
Orr, J. Edwin. Evangelical awakenings, n.d. 28pp.
Society for the propagation of the faith. Obeying the command, n.d. 28pp.
Van Ginkel, Aileen.  What Are Canadians Saying to the Church?   Canada Watch. Winter 2004, vol. 9, issue 1. 6pp.
Wright, David F.  Soundings in the Doctrine of Scripture in Evangelicalism in the First Half of the Twentieth Century.  1978. 19pp.

Evolution / Creation

Dembski, William A.  What Every Theologian Should Know About Creation, Evolution, and Design.  1995. 6pp.
Hastings, H. L. Was Moses Mistaken? or Creation and Evolution. 1986. 50pp.
Hummel, Charles.  Creation or Evolution?: Resolving the Crucial Issues.  1989. 32pp.
Lamoureux, Denis O.  Evangelicals Inheriting the Wind: The Phillip E. Johnson Phenomenon.  n.d. 3pp.

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Famine (in Ethiopia)

Miscellaneous newspaper articles. 1991.


Tsoukalas, S. Freemasonry: Is it a cult? Should a Christian belong to a Masonic Lodge? 1989. 12pp.


Darnell, Alfred, and Darren E. Sherkat.  The Impact of Protestant Fundamentalism on Educational Attainment.  1997. 9pp.
Fundamentalism: A Religious Problem.  1955. 27pp.
Harrell, David Edwin Jr.  The Roots of the Moral Majority: Fundamentalism Revisited.  1981. 12pp.
Kim, Ezra Kil-sung.  J. Gresham Machen and the Concerns in His Early Works.  2000. 18pp.

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Evans, Tony.  Your Money or Your Life?  1997. 1p.
United Church of Canada.  Do We Live by Faith or Fate?  1980. 8pp.

Genesis, Book of

Milner, J.W.  Creation in Six Days.  1969. 10 pp.
Morgenstern, Julian.  The Sources of the Paradise Story.  1919. 33pp.
Sacks, Robert.  The Lion and the Ass: A Commentary on the Book of Genesis (Chapters 1-10).  n.d. 250pp.
Waldron, Samuel E.  A Critique of Howard J. Van Till's The Fourth Day.  1988. 44pp.

Girard Related Materials

Girard, Rene.  Eating Disorders and Mimetic Desire.  1996. 20pp.
Hunsinger, George.  The Politics of the Nonviolent God: Reflections on Rene Girard and Karl Barth.  1998. 24pp.
Nash, James.  The 'Justifiable Homicide' of Abortion Providers: Moral Reason, Mimetic Theory, and the Gospel.  1997. 19pp.
Watson, P.J.  Girard and Integration: Desire, Violence, and the Mimesis of Christ as Foundation for Postmodernity.  1998. 10pp.
Yoder, John Howard.  Review of The Scapegoat by Rene Girard. 1987. 4pp.

Globalization and World Development

Beukes, E., van Niekerk, A. S., et. al.  Development in Africa.  1994. 61pp. Filed Under "Africa"
Coetzee, S. F.  South Africa's Second Liberation: How To Make Reconstruction and Development Work.  1995. 11pp. Filed Under South Africa (File #1)"
Delooz, P. et. al.  Religions and Population Policies.  1988. 59pp.
Hodgson, Peter.  World Energy Needs and Resources.  1981. 25pp.
Jay, Eric.  World Development and the Bible.  1970. 14pp.
The Lutheran Church in America: Social Statements.  World Community: Ethical Imperatives in an Age of Interdependence.  1970. 6pp.

God, Images of, in various religions

Who is God?  Article in Life magazine, 1990. 30pp.

Green, Michael (author)

Come, follow me: The challenge of Jesus Christ. 1984. 23pp.

Greene, Albert Edwards

Greene, Albert Edwards. Untitled manuscript on the philosophy of education. 1974. 256pp.

Grenz, Stanley J.

Grenz, Stanley J.  Is it God's Business?  1997. 3pp.

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