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The pamphlet file is comprised of pamphlets, articles and short monographs. It is located in an archives room in the Allison Library, and is availble for use by any library patron. Please ask a librarian if you wish to use any of the materials from this file. The materials are organized by subject.

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(folder missing)
Scofield, C.I.  The Truth About Heaven.  (A lecture given at Philadelphia School of the Biblble) 1916. 32pp.


Elliott, Walter.  Eternal Punishment.  n.d. 30pp.

History (General)

Cam, Helen.  Historical Novels.  1961. 26pp.
Crane, Robert I.  A History of South Asia.  1973. 79pp.
Dickinson, J.C.  The Great Charter: A Translation With An Introduction And Notes.  1955. 31pp.
Elton, G. R.  Henry VIII.  1962. 28pp.
Hunt, J.W.  English History Through Foreign Eyes.  1954. 31pp.
Huss, John.  n.d. 32pp.
Knecht, R. J.  Francis I and Absolute Monarchy. 1969. 31pp.
Liebeschutz, Hans. Ranke. 1954. 20pp.
Mackie, J.D. John Knox. 1951. 24pp.
Morrell, W.P.  British Overseas Expansion and The History of the Commonwealth: A select Bibliography.  1961. 40pp.
Thomson, Mark A.  Macaulay.  1959. 28pp.
Zeman, J. K.  The Rise of Religious Liberty in the Czech Reformation.  1973. 20pp.

History (Germany)

Vansittart, Robert (Sir).· Black Record: Germans Past and Present.· 1941. 55pp.


Craig, Mary. Blessed Maximilian Kolbe: Priest hero of a death camp.  n.d., 16pp.
End of Nazism.  n.d., 32pp.
Elshtain, Jean Bethke. How German Was the Holocaust?  1997. 4pp.
Fowler, James. The Psychology of Altruism.  1990. 6pp.
Oesterreicher, John M. The Swastika Reappears.  n.d., 14pp.

Holy Spirit / Spiritual Gifts

Gospel and Spirit: A Joint Statement.  1977. 12pp.
Hummel, Charles. Filled with the Spirit.  1981. 32pp.
O'Day, J. E. Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts.  1985. 32pp.
Samarin, William J. Glossolalia as Regressive Speech.  1973. 12pp.
Goodman, Felicitas. Altered Mental State vs. 'Style of Discourse': Reply to Samarin.  n.d. 3pp.
United Presbyterian Church. Report of the Special Committee on the Work of the Holy Spirit.  1970. 56pp.


Miller, Father D. F. How to Give Sex Instructions.  1963. 24pp.
Miller, Father E. F. Teen-Agers and the Automobile.  1960.22pp.
Shaw, Duncan. The Role of Laughter in the Life of the Church.  1996. 8pp.

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Coupland, R. Britain and India: 1600-1941. 1941. 94pp.
Gopal, S. Modern India.  1967. 31pp.
Plan of Union [for Christian churches in India].  1940. 20pp.


Kierkegaard, Soren. On the Dedication to 'That Single Individual'.  1846. 5pp.
Lutz, Dietmar. Der Mensch ist Menschen: Theologische Ansatze zur Uberwindung des individualistischen Atomismus.  1996. 13pp.


Antinodes, Harry. Industrial Democracy: Illusion and Promise.  1980. 153pp.
Griffioen, Sander. Facing the New Corporatism.  1981. 17pp.

Intertextual Studies

Nixon, R.E. The Exodus in the New Testament.  1963. 32pp.
Wenham, J.W. Our Lord's View of the Old Testament.  1953. 32pp.

Iona Community

Iona: a short chronological table. 1932, 11pp.
Iona Community Today  [brochure on the background, present facilities, purpose and vision of the Iona Community


Ankerberg, John. The Facts of Islam: Answers fo the Most Frequently Asked Questions. 1991. 48pp.

(See also Muslim)

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Bruce, F.F. and W.J. Martin.  The Deity of Christ.  1964. 24pp.
Eddy, Sherwood.  Jesus Christ: What is His Significance? 1924. 30pp.
Goldenson, Samuel H.  Jesus of Nazareth in the Light of Jewish and Christian Thought and History.  1926. 18pp.
Stibbs, A. M.  The Finished Work of Christ.  1955. 40pp.
Stibbs, A.M.  God Became Man: Some Considerations of the Questions How? and Why?  1957. 36pp.
The Unique Christ in Our Pluralistic World: World Evangelical Fellowship Manila Declaration.  1993. 31pp.
Who is Jesus?  Thematic issue of The Asbury Herald 1996. 15pp.
Who was Jesus?  Article from Life magazine 1994. 13pp. Illustrations.


Englander, Henry.  Ezra the Scribe.  1919. 9pp.
Folsch, Harald.  When Shall the Messiah Come?  n.d. 31pp.
Friedlander, Albert H.  Judaism and the Concept of Forgiving.  1986. 7pp.
Hughes, P.E.  The Divine Plan for Jew and Gentile.  1949. 32pp.
Israel According to the Holy Scriptures.  n.d. 45pp.
Journal of Jewish Studies 1/1 (1948). 64pp.
Korn, Bertram Wallace.  German-Jewish Intellectual Influences on American Jewish Life, 1824-1972.  1972. 16pp.
Neumark, David.  The Principles of Judaism in Historical Outline.  1919. 46pp.
Phillips, Anthony.  Forgiveness Reconsidered.  1986. 7 pp.
Smith, David Norman.  The Social Construction of Enemies: Jews and the Representation of Evil.  1996. 37pp. Filed Under "Anti-Semitism"

Jung, Carl

Leenders, Linda R.  The Anthropological Model in the Writings of C.G. Jung.  1975. 31pp.

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Kierkegaard, Soren

Brown, Harold O. J.  Kierkegaard's Leap or Schaeffer's Step.  1984. 1p.
Cook, Robert R.  Soren Kierkegaard: Missionary to Christendom.  1987. 17pp.
Evans, C. Stephen.  The Incarnational Narrative as Myth and History.  1994. 20pp.
Evans, C. Stephen.  A Kierkegaardian View of the Foundations of Morality.  1998. 13pp.
Evans, C. Stephen.  Kierkegaard's Attack Upon Apologetics.  1981. 10pp.
Evans, C. Stephen.  A Misunderstood Reformer.  1984. 3pp.
Geisler, Norman L.  Beware of Philosophy: A Warning to Biblical Scholars.  1999. 17pp.
Grenz, Stanley J.  The Flight from God: Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling and Universal Ethical Systems.  1987. 13pp.
Khan, Abrahim H. and Alastair McKinnon. Kierkegaard's Two Forms of Conscious Despair. 1985. 20pp.
McKinnon, Alastair.  Christ in Kierkegaard's Later Writings.  1998. 8pp.
McKinnon, Alastair.  Kierkegaard and 'The Leap of Faith'.  1991. 18pp.

Miscellaneous encyclopedia articles on Kierkegaard

Owens, Virginia Stem.  Soren Kierkegaard: Desperate Measures.  1990. 9pp.
Ruegsegger, Ron.  Francis Schaeffer on Philosophy.  1981. 16pp.
Wells, William W.  The Reveille that Awakened Karl Barth.  1979. 11pp.
Westphal, Merold.  Kierkegaard as Prophetic Philosopher.  1977. 9pp.

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Labour and Unions

Antinodes, Harry.  Reclaiming our Daily Work.   1995. 11pp.
Antonides, Harry.  The Freedom to Work.  1967. 44pp.
Christian Trade Unionism in the Netherlands.  n.d. 24pp.
De Graaf, Arnold.  Get the Word.  Christian Labour Association of Canada. 1969. 9pp.
Hordijk, Arij.  Trade Unionism and Ethics.  1978. 7pp.
Nederhood, Joel H.  Niether Slave nor Tyrant.  Christian Labour Association of Canada. 1966. 15pp.
Nykamp, Peter.  Socio-Ethical Aspects of Labour.  1977. 25pp.
Runner, H. Evan.  Can Canada Tolerate the C.L.A.C. [Christian Labour Association of Canada]?  1967. 31pp.
Seerveld, Calvin.  Christian Workers, Unite.  1964. 26pp.
Seerveld, Calvin.  Labour: A Burning Bush.  1965. 26pp.
Seerveld, Calvin.  The Rub to Christian Organization.  n.d. 16pp.
Vanderkloet, Edward.  Industrial Conflict: A Christian Perspective.  1976. 38pp.
Vandezande, Gerald.  Must Christians Form Power Organizations?  n.d. 11pp.
Zylstra, Bernard. Challenge & Response. 1960. 24pp.


Praesta, Riding the Rapids: How to Navigate through Turbulent Times, 2008. 13pp


Powers, I. Daily Gospel meditations for Lent: The Christian dilemma. 1991 44pp.
Wiederkehr, M. Embracing your memories: A journey of healing for Lent. 2002 47pp.

Lewis, C.S.

The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society 27/4-14; 28/1-2, 4-5 1996-1997.
The Lamp Post of the Southern California C.S. Lewis Society 20/1-4; 21/1 1996-1997.


Bible Service - Penintential Celebration...  1970. 20pp.
A Book of Lenten Prayer.  n.d. 96pp.
The Catholic Soldiers' & Sailors' Prayer Book.  1917. 64pp.
The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.  n.d. 31pp.
Harding, Thomas. Celebrating the Church Year Intergenerationally: A Handbook.  1985. 105pp.
Harfmann, John. Way of the Cross for Children. 1970. 32pp.
The Holy Hour in the Greek Rite (Byzantine - Slavonic) Catholic Church.
Huebsch, Bill.  The New Scripture Way of the Cross: Based on the Stations led by Pope John Paul II [Stations of the Cross liturgy].  n.d. 31pp.
League Prayer.  1967. 6pp.
Luka, Ronald. Way of the Cross Today 1967. 32pp.
The Mass Book Together With Prayers Uesful in Catholic Devotion...  n.d. 61pp.
Mass Prayers for Little Ones.  By Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict. 1936. 32pp.
Mueller, Robert J.  For People Just Like Us: A Christmas Service for the Congregation and its Children.  1986. 28pp.
Sacred Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom.  1967. 47pp.
Spence, Jan.  What Shall We Do With This Baby?: A Christmas Eve Worship Service.  1993. 21pp.

Lonergan, Bernard

Kanaris, Jim.  The 'Ins and Outs' of Religious Love: Bernard Lonergan's Pragmatics.  1998. 15pp.

Luther, Martin

Stein, K. James, et al. Thematic issue of Explor 1986. 64pp.
Wood, A. Skevington. Luther's Principles of Biblical Interpretation. 1960. 36pp.

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Marriage and Family

Anderson, Beryl. Promises and Pitfalls of Cross Cultural Marriage. n.d. 42pp.
Friesen, Melvin and Helen.  Dating and Marriage.  1982. 31pp.
_______.  Getting Ready for Marriage.  1982. 31pp.
Hoge, Dean.  Empirical Research on Interfaith Marriage in America.  1981. 35pp.
Norris, Kathleen.  After the Honeymoon What?  n.d. 15pp.
_______. Companionate Marriage. n.d. 16pp.
Perry, Kass.  Be-good-to-your-marriage Therapy.  1990. 60pp.
The Precious Gift of Love.  1998. 39pp.
Theresita, M.  Growing in Love: the emotional development of children.  n.d. 30pp.
van Belle, H. A.  Two Shall Become One: Reflections on Dating, Courtship and Marriage.  1999. 66pp.
van der Walt, B. J. et. al.  Hope for the Family.  1995. 54pp.
Willimon, William H.  Children: The Blessed Burden.  1980. 11pp.

Marx / Marxism

Wurmbrand, Richard.  Preparing for the Underground Church.  nd. 35pp.
Zylstra, Bernard.  The Post-Christian Humanism of Karl Marx.  1974. 14pp.

Medical Ethics

Smyth, Harley S.  Motive and Meaning in Medical Morals.  1977. 12pp.


Seerveld, Cal.  A Gift of Words: a Gift of Diaconia.  Institute for Christian Studies.1995. 13pp.

Mental Handicaps

Miles, Michael.  Christianity and the Mentally Handicapped.  1978. 40pp.
Weller, S.D.V.  Mental Defect and Delinquency.  1960. 20pp


Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, Methodist Heritage Handbook, 2nd edition, 2012. 87pp.

Milbank, John (author and subject)

Hedley, Douglas.  Should Divinity Overcome Metaphysics? Reflections on John Milbank's Theology beyond Secular Reason and Confessions of a Cambridge Platonist.  2000. 27pp.
Milbank, John.  The End of Dialogue.  1990. 15pp.
Milbank, John. Review of At the Origins of Modern Atheism by Michael Buckley. 1992. 4pp.
Milbank bibliography. ATLA Religion Database. 2000. 21pp.
Milbank bibliography. other EBSCO Databases. 2000. 18pp.


Thomas, L. R. Does the Bible teach Millenialism? n.d. 37pp. 


Hummel, Charles.  Healing.  1982. 44pp.
Kim, Sang-Bok.  The Place of Miracles Today.  1994. 53pp.
Mahood, John Wilmot. Modern Miracles of Grace. 1930. 32pp.
van der Walt, B. J. and J. H. Diemer.  Nature and Miracle.  1999. 36pp.

Missions and Evangelism

Chatfield, Joan.  Women and Men: Colleagues in Mission.  1979. 36pp.
Canadian Baptist Overseas Mission Board. The Church Overseas. n.d. 12pp.
Canadian Baptist Overseas Mission Board. Missionfax. n.d. 3 pamphlets: Mission events, C.B.O.M.B., Zaire.
Delooz, P. et al.  The Transmission of the Faith in a Secularized Society.  1990. 42pp.
Dekar, Paul.  Crossing Barriers In World Mission.  n.d. 32pp.
Delooz, P. et. al.  Popular Religions.  Includes Popular religion in India,Popular religion in Latin America, Popular Religion in Africa,  etc. 1988. 51pp.
Devanandan, P.D.  The Gospel and the Hindu Intellectual.  1958. 28pp.
Elliot, Betsy.  How to Help a Missionary.  1984. 29pp.
Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. The Lausanne story, 1987, 40pp.
Mbefo, Luke.  Tensions between Christianity and African Traditional Religion: The Igbo Case.  1993. 14pp.
Miskan: A Theological Forum on Jewish Evangelism 1986. 79pp.
Ramquist, Grace. Missionary Program Builder. No. 2. 1954. 32pp.
Stenbrock, Eveyln. Missionary Program Builder. No. 3. 1980. 40pp.
Newton, K.J.  Brethren Missionary Work in Mysore State.  1975. 48pp.
Young Calvinist Federation. Not Ashamed of the Gospel: Studies in Evangelism.  1964. 47pp.
Peterson, Stephen L.  Mission Studies Resources for the Future.  1995. 42pp.
Stott, John.  Personal Evangelism.  1964. 30pp.
Tuffan, Lindsay.  The Last Frontier.  1980. 3pp.
Wedel, Theodore O.  A Theological Reflection on the Work of Evangelism.  1959. 45pp.
World Vision International. You Can Get There From Here. 1979. 45pp.
Zaretsky, Tuvya.  Turning to God: Good News for God's Chosen People.  1985. 29pp.


Zacharias, Ravi. Investigating the Claims of Mormonism. 1990. 40pp.


Demol, K. A.  How Should Christians Think About Music?  1999. 30pp.
Horn, Daniel Paul.  Between Political Struggle and Heavenly Contemplation.  1995. 4pp.
Kavaaugh, Patrick.  Spiritual Lives of Great Composers.  1995. 5pp.
Music for Wedding Services: An Ecumenical Collection: Congregational Booklet.  1993. 28pp.
Music for Wedding Services: An Ecumenical Collection: Planner for Engaged Couples.  1993. 48pp.
Steed, Janna T.  Duke Ellington and His Sacred Music.  1995. 3pp.
Thompson, Monica.  Know Your (Copy) Rights.  1995. 4pp.


Fellowship of Faith for Muslims.  Cycle of Prayer. n.d. 40pp.

Muslims (as related to Evangelism)

(folder missing)
Fellowship of Faith for Muslims.  Christianity's Supreme Opportunity.  1981. 14pp.
________.  Christianity's Greatest Challenge.  1969. 11pp.
________.  Your Muslim Guest: a practical guide in friendship and witness for Christians who meet Mulsims.  1975. 14pp.
________.  Understanding Some Muslim Misunderstandings.  1984. 16pp.
Hahn, Ernest.  The Sikhs and Their Religion.  n.d. 8pp.
________.  Islam and Muslims.  n.d. 8pp.
________.  Why Share Our Faith with Muslims?  n.d. 4pp.
Jones, Rev. L. Bevan.  Christ's Ambassador to the Muslim.

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New Age Movements

Bryan, Timothy L.  The New Age and Christian Spirituality.  1991. 8pp.
Miller, Elliot.  The New Age Movement: What is It?  1985. 7pp.
Miller, Elliot.  The 'New Myth': An Outline of New Age Ideology.  1986. 6pp.
Nicholls, Bruce J.  God as Creator and Redeemer: In Response to the Ecological Crisis and the New Age Movements.  1993. 16pp.

New England, Religion in

Conforti, Joseph.  The New England Religious Heritage: Some Aspects of Tradition.  1995. 45pp.

New Testament (Archaeology)

Johnson, Sherman E.  Laodicea and Its Neighbors.  1950. 18pp.

New Testament (Books)

Birdsall, J. N.  The Bodmer Papyrus of the Gospel of John.  1958. 18pp.
Caldwell, Mary Latshaw.  Paul's Roman Sandals: A Study Guide on I and II Timothy.  n.d. 80pp.
Green, E.M.B.  2 Peter Reconsidered.  1960. 37pp.
Klassen, William.  Enthroning the Lamb: Revelation 4 & 5.  1980. 6pp.
Klassen, William.  Vengeance in the Apocalypse of John.  1966. 12pp.
Kunz, Marilyn, and Catherine Schell.  Conversations with Jesus Christ from the Gospel of John: 13 Discussions for Group Bible Study.  1960. 70pp.
Louden, R.  The Church in the World: A Study of the First Epistle to the Corinthians.  1948. 54pp.
Nock, Arthur Darby. Review of Martin Dibelius Aufsaetze zur Apostelgeschichte [Acts]. 1953. 9pp. (in English)
Ridderbos, H.N.  The Speeches of Peter in the Acts of the Apostles.  1962. 31pp.

New Testament (General)

Barr, James.  Which Language Did Jesus Speak? Some Remarks of a Semitist.  1970. 29pp.
Bruce, F.F.  Apollos in the New Testament.  1975. 13pp.
Bruce, F. F.  The Gospels and Some Recent Discoveries.  1962.18pp.
Bruce, F.F.  Promise and Fulfillment in Paul's Presentation of Jesus.  50pp.
Davidson, Francis.  Pauline Predestination.  1946. 32pp.
De Graaf, A.I.  The Kingdom of God in the Preaching and Work of Jesus.  1976. 33pp.
Grieve, Val.  Verdict on the Empty Tomb: a lawyer looks at the facts.  1970. 22pp.
Kang, Chang-Hee.  Righteousness in Paul's Gospel.  1994. 18pp.
Koester, Helmut.  The Role of Myth in the New Testament.  1968. 15pp.
Moule, H.C.G. (Bishop).   Justification by Faith.  1959. 22pp.
Norbie, Donald L.  New Testament Church Organization. 1955. 85pp.
Nutting, Will.  The Beatitudes.  1965. 200pp.
Sheridan, Thomas L.  The Church in the New Testament.  1962. 32pp.

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