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The pamphlet file is comprised of pamphlets, articles and short monographs. It is located in an archives room in the Allison Library, and is availble for use by any library patron. Please ask a librarian if you wish to use any of the materials from this file. The materials are organized by subject.

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Old Testament (Books)

Aalders, G. Ch.  The Problem of the Book of Jonah.  1948. 28pp.
The Book of Job: A Concert Reading of the Holy Scriptures.  1957. 6pp.
Gooding, D. W.  The Composition of the Book of Judges.  1982. 10pp.
Jenks, Alan W.  Theological Presuppositions of Israel's Wisdom Literature.  1985. 22pp.
Kim, Eui-won.  An Exegetical Study of the Peace Offering (Lev. 3).  2000. 13pp.
Thomson, J.G.S.S.  The Word of the Lord in Jeremiah.  1959. 20pp.
Young, E. J.  Daniel's Vision of the Son of Man.  1958. 28pp.
See Also, "Genesis"

Old Testament (General)

Alter, Robert.  Putting Together Biblical Narrative.  1988. 22pp.
Barker, Kenneth, and Waltke, Bruce,  Bibliography for Old Testament Exegesis and Exposition.  1970. 38pp.
Brodie, Louis.  The Hebrew Method of Creative Rewriting as the Key to Unraveling the Sources of the Pentateuch.  1978. 56pp.
Case, Robert.  Rehoboam: A Study in Failed Leadership.  1988. 22pp.
Ellison, H.L.  The Centrality of the Messianic Idea for the Old Testament.  1953. 23pp.
Kidner, Derek.  Hard Sayings: The Challenge of Old Testament Morals.  1972. 48pp.
Kim, Jung-woo.  The Historical-Critical Method and Twentieth Century Old Testament Studies in Korea.  2000. 16pp.
Long, V. Philips.  Toward a Better Theory and Understanding of Old Testament Narrative.  1987. 7pp.
Martin, W.J.  'Dischronologized' Narrative in the Old Testament.  1968. 7pp.
Martin, W.J.  Stylistic Criteria and the Analysis of the Pentateuch.  1955. 23pp.
Meysing, J.  The Biblical Chronologies of the Patriarchs.  1963. 4pp.
Seebass, Horst.  The Relationship of Torah and Promise in the Redactionary Composition of the Pentateuch.  1985. 17pp.
Wright, J. Stafford.  The Building of the Second Temple.  1958. 20pp.

Otto, Rudolf

Turner, Harold W.  Rudolf Otto: The Idea of the Holy: Commentary on the Shortened Version.  n.d. 52pp.

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Packer, J. I. (author)

Arminianisms.  Booklet entitled The Manifold Grace of God also includes essays by John R. de Witt, David Fountain, Peter Toon, David R. Smith, and D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. 1968. 95pp.
Finding God's Will. 1985. 32pp.
Keep Yourselves from Idols.  1964. 20pp.
The Puritans and Spiritual Gifts.  Booklet entitled Profitable for Doctrine and Reproof also includes essays by Rex Ambler, E. Evans, J.A. Caiger, and D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. n.d. 71pp.
Reservation: Theological Issues.  Booklet entitled Reservation and Communion of the Sick also includes essays by R.T. Beckwith and Colin O. Buchanan. 1972. 28pp.
The Lord's Prayer.  13pp
What did the Cross Achieve? The Logic of Penal Substitution. 1973. 42pp.

Pastoral Ministry

Alberta Pastoral Care Association. Pastoral Care in the Heatlh Care Milieau. 1980. 12pp.
Baughen, M.A.  The Call to the Ministry.  1962. 19pp
Benn, Wallace.  The Baxter Model: Guidelines for Pastoring Today.  1993. 17pp.
Chung, Sung-kuh.  Introduction to Practical Theology.  2000. 18pp.
Communicating a Caring Ministry.  Thematic issue of Explore 1988. 108pp. Articles by Donald F. Chatfield, John H. Patton, Archie Smith, Jr., James McGinnis, Karen Lebacqz, and Anne Streaty Wimberly.
Dahlstrom, Earl C.  A Married Ministry from a Psychological Perspective.  1973. 8pp.
Johnstone, Colin B.  Why?: The Existential Concerns of the Cancer Patient.  n.d. 14pp.
Phillips, W. J.  In Search of a Leader.  1987. 14pp.
Taber, Charles R.  Leadership and/or Service: Models of Ministry.  1979. 20pp.
Wimberly, Edward P.  Pastoral Counseling with African American Males.  1993. 17pp.


De Vos, P.J.  Herbert Spencer as Positivist-Organicist: Contradictions in His Theories.  1971. 21pp.
Kriel, J. R.  Viagra and the Mind-Body Problem: Philosophical Implications of a Pharmaceutical Innovation.  1998. 27pp.
Mikolaski, Samuel J.  Of and About.  from Faith and Thought, 1963. 8pp.
Schouls, Peter.  Man in Communication.  1968. 69pp.
Vander Hoeven, Johan.  The Rise and Development of the Phenomenological Movement.  1965. 75pp.
Wolters, Al.  Our Place in the Philosophical Tradition.  1975. 17pp.

Plymouth Brethren

The Brethren Movement in the World Today.  1973. 48pp.
Coad, F. Roy.  Prophetic Developments.  A Christian Brethren Research Fellowship Occasional Paper. 1966. 31pp.
Ironside, H.A.  The Teaching of the So-called Plymouth Brethren: Is it Scriptural?  n.d. 23pp.
Trotter, W.  The Origin of (so-called) Open-Brethrenism.  1849. 62pp.

Politics/ Political Theory

Arnold, Matthew.  Culture and Anarchy: selection.  1889. 64pp.
Barker, W. A.  Religion and Politics: 1559-1642.  1957. 12pp.
Besier, Gerhard.  Zur Religionspolitik des SED-Staates gegenuber den Freikirchen: Am Beispiel des Bundes Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden in der DDR.  1996. 15pp.
Bischoff, P. J.,  Der Christ und die Politik.  1947. 16pp.
Carson, H.M.  Riots and Religion.  n.d. 16pp.
Davis, Reed.  On the Horns of a Dilemma: Philosophy and Foreign Policy in the Thought of Henry Kissinger.  1981. 55pp.
Gousmett, C.  Christianity and Politics: A Reformational Perspective.  1999. 62pp.
Lee, Sangwon.  Robert Nozick's Theory of Justice: The Entitlement Theory.  2000. 22pp.
Marshall, P.  A Calvinist Political Theory.  1991. 48pp.
Niebuhr, Reinhold.  The Illusion of World Government.  1949. 31pp.
Simon, Derek.  The Pneumatic Foundation of Political Theology in Voegelin.  1998. 14pp. Filed Under "Vogelin, Eric"
Skillen, J.W.  Christians Organizing for Political Service.  1996. 57pp.
van der Walt, B.J.  Why the State?: Bible Study on Romans 13 and Revelation 13.  1981. 21pp.


Catalyst 23/2 1997. 6pp.


Baumann, J. Daniel, et al. Thematic issue on preaching in Theology, News & Notes 1980. 27pp.
Beeke, Joel R. Practical Reasons for Retaining the KJV. n.d. 7pp.
Buechner, Frederick, et. al. The Living Pulpit (Premier Issue). 1992. 8pp.
Burgess, Anthony. Examine Yourself. n.d. 31pp.
Kwon, Jonathan S. Iconoclasm in the Pulpit: Rev Lee, Joong-Pyo's Interpretation of the Bible in the Light of the Kingdom of God. 2000. 32pp
Long, Thomas.  The Use of Scripture in Contemporary Preaching.  n.d. 12pp.
Martin, Al.  What's Wrong with Preaching Today?  1967. 24pp.
Olson, Bessie G.  Charles Spurgeon: A great preacher.  1956. 447pp.
Ryle, J.C.  Perseveran

"Preaching Today" Transcripts

Transcripts for the audio tape series "Preaching Today" (no. 82-276, updated regularly)


Coad, F. Roy Prophetic Developments" 1966. 32pp.
Webber, David. Parade of the Planets. 1976. 26pp.


Athens, Lonnie.  The Self As a Soliloquy.  1994. 12pp.
Bessema, K.  Perspectives on Developmental Psychology.  1997. 11pp.
"Bruehl, Charles.  Psychoanalysis.  n.d. 23pp.
Davies, Mark G.  Solitude and Loneliness: An Integrative Model.  n.d. 26pp.
De Graaf, Arnold H.  Psychology: Sensitive Openness and Appropriate Reactions.  1980 23pp.
Jeeves, Malcolm A.  Contemporary Psychology and Christian Belief and Experience.  1960. 16pp.
Kirkpatrick, William Kirk.  Why Secular Psychology is Not Enough.  1986. 6pp.
Leenders, Linda.  Max Scheler's View of Man as Unique.  1977. 23pp.
Ross, J. Elliot.  Have you a Complex?  n.d. 16pp.
Scott, M.  A Christian Perspective on Motivation.  1992. 15pp.

Puritans / Puritanism

Rowdon, H. H. Puritan Church Discipline 1960. 24pp.

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World Council of Churches.  The Churches and the World Refugee Crisis.  1981. 18pp.


MacDonald, Gordon & Gail.  Affirmation & Rebuke.  1986. 32pp.

Religious Right

Clapp, Rodney.  The Reconstructionists.  1987. 29pp.
Cox, Harvey.  The Warring Visions of the Religious Right.  1995. 9pp.


Chae, Eun-soo.  The Tradition of Revivalism in the Korean Church and Its Missiological Evaluation.  2000. 35 pp.

Russians (in Greater Vancouver area)

Tarasoff, Koozma J. Russians of the Greater Vancouver Area. 1966. 11pp.  (Reprint from Slavs in Canada. 1966 pages 138-147).

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Armstrong, Herbert W. Has Time Been Lost? 1952. 26pp.


Haynes, Michael.  Satanism in America.  1989. 42pp.

Schuller, Robert

Gudel, Joseph P.  A New Reformation?: The Faulty Gospel of Robert Schuller.  1985. 9pp.


Duchrow, Ulrich.  The Spiritual Dimensions of the Scientific World.  1978. 19pp.


Green, E.M.B.  The Authority of Scripture.  1963, 38pp.


Heron, Alister, ed.  Towards a Quaker View of Sex.  1963. 69pp.
Laplace, Jean. Christian Virginity and its Natural Conditions. n.d. 41pp.
Lutheran Church in America. Sex, Marriage, and Family. 1970. 6pp.
Sapp, Stephen.  Biblical Perspectives on Human Sexuality.  1976. 17pp.
Stewart, V. Mary.  Sexual Freedom.  1974. 20pp.
Williams, M.D.  Homosexuality, Scripture and the Body of Christ.  1997. 30pp.

Shields, T. T. (author)

Criminality of the Toronto Street Railway strike. 1952. 16pp.
Hepburn government's betrayal of its public trust by diverting public school revenue to the support of Roman Catholic separate schools. 1936. 32pp.
Necessity of declaring war on modernism.  n.d. 16pp.
Oxford group movement analyzed. 1933. 39pp.
Roman Catholic horseleach. 1936. 24pp.
Will Manitoba taxpayers consent to pay for Roman Catholic separate schools? 1952. 36pp.

Small Groups

Peterson, Miriam A.  The Role of Small Groups and Group Leadership in the Church's Ministry.  1967. 22pp.
Wiebe, Michael.  Small Groups: Getting them Started, Keeping them going.  1976. 32pp.

Social Justice

Ahn, Young-Kwon.  A Biblical Perspective for Ministry to the Poor.  1994. 29pp.
Augusto, Francisco, et. al.  Church and Conflict: a Call for Dialogue.  includes:  The Church in dialogue in South Africa,Evangelisation and social conflicts in Brazil,  Conflicts within the Korean church,  and  The Irish conflict revisited.  1989. 34pp.
Brouwer, J., Wolters, A.M. et. al.  Year of Jubilee: Cultural Mandate, Worldview.  1999. 42pp.
Dushnyck, Walter and William Gibbons.  Refugees are People.  1947. 96pp.
Lutheran Church in America. Social Statements on: aging, capital punishment, economic justice, human rights, justice, poverty, race relations, religious liberty, race relations, and social welfare. 1964-1980. 8 pamphlets
Rutayisire, Paul, et al.  Christians and Human Rights.  1990. 44pp.
Salley, Columbus and Ronald Behm.  Blacks and the White Jesus.  1981. 32pp.
Sheen, Fulton.  Justice and Charity: The Social Problem and the Church.  1938. 94pp.

Sociology of Religion

Myers, Scott M.  An Interactive Model of Religiosity Inheritance: The Importance of Family Context.  1996. 8pp.


Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr.  Words of Warning to America.  1975. 8pp.

South Africa (File #1)

Anglican Church of Canada.  Being Black in South Africa.  1972. 32pp.
Cain, E.P.  Crime in South Africa: Its Causes and Solutions.  1997. 18pp.
Augusto,Francisco et. al. .  Church and Conflict: A Call for Dialogue.  Includes The Church in dialogue in South Africa.  1989. 34pp. Filed Under "Social Justice"
Coetzee, S. F.  South Africa's Second Liberation: How To Make Reconstruction and Development Work.  1995. 11pp.
du Toit, Piet.  Building Bridges in Multicultural Schools Through Structured Discussion Groups [Study focuses on S. African schools].  1995. 15pp. Filed Under "Education"
Onwu, N. et al.  A Future South Africa in the African Context: An African Perspective.  1992. 29pp.
Reinecke, C.J., et al.  A Future South Africa in the African Context: A South African Perspective.  1992. 30pp.
Turaki, Yusufu.  An African Response to the Question of Apartheid.  1992. 22pp.
Van der Walt, B.J. and C.F.B. Naude.  Christianity and Democracy in South Africa: A Vision for the Future.  1996. 37pp.
van der Walt, B.J.  Responsibility, Conversion, Confession, Forgiveness, Restitution & Reconciliation: Six of God's Requirements for a New South Africa.
van der Walt, B.J. and Venter, J.J.   Religion and Society: A Review of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Hearings.  1998. 44pp.
Venter, F.; Vorster, J.M.; et. al.  An Evaluation of the New South African Constitution.  1996. 25pp.
Williams, Donovan.  African Nationalism in South Africa: Origins and Problems.  1970. 12pp.

South Africa (File #2)

Davenport, T.R.H.  Christian Mission and the South African Melting Pot in the Nineteenth Century.  1992. 17pp.
De Gruchy, John W.  Doing Christian Theology in the Context of South Africa or God-Talk Under Devil's Peak. 1986. 15pp.
Goedhals, M.M.  Counsels of Perfection?: The Legacy of Women's Religious Communities in the Church of the Province of Southern Africa.  1992. 23pp.
Kauuova. W. R.  The Religions of Southern Africa: A Synopsis of their Basic Beliefs.  1997. 24pp.
Norman, Edward.  Politicizing Christianity: Focus on South Africa.  1979. 20pp.
Pillay, Gerald J.  The Problem of Interpreting the History of Black Churches and Writing the History of Christianity in South Africa.  1992. 27pp.
Poewe, Karla.  Theologies of Black South Africans and the Rhetoric of Peace versus Violence.  n.d. 22pp.

Sovereignty of God

(folder missing)
Stumbo, John.  God's Sovereignty: The Ultimate Question.  2000. 4pp.
Sunukjian, Donals.  Knowing Even a Snail's Pace.  2000. 3pp.

Spiritual Theology

Borst, James.  A Method of Contemplative Prayer.  1978. 64pp.
Downs, John F. Suffering: A Key to the Meaning of Life. 1991. 28pp.
Gooding, David.  Searching for Spiritual Satisfaction.  1980. 32pp.
New Testament Way to Community.  1974. 30pp.
Sanny, Lorne.  How to Spend a Day in Prayer.  1979. 23pp.
Shelley, Bruce L.  The Basics of Biblical Happiness: Faith, Hope, and Love.  n.d. 10pp.

Stott, John R. W. (author)

Following Christ in the seventies. 1971. 17pp.


(folder missing)

Taylor, Frank (for Blue Cross Blue Shield).  Suicide: the will to die.  1973. 29pp.

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Adams, C. C.  Foundations of Responsible Technology.  1990. 10pp.
Atwood, Roy.  Transforming the Internet: Toward a Reformed Ontology of Human Technics.  1998. 22pp.
Nijkamp, Peter.  Towards a Society Without a Perspective?  1976. 13pp.


Knowing the Triune God.  Thematic issue of Affirmation and Critique 1996. 64pp. Note: contains a hostile review of J.I. Packer's Knowing God.
Mikolaski, Samuel J.  The Triune God.  n.d. 22pp.

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