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The pamphlet file is comprised of pamphlets, articles and short monographs. It is located in an archives room in the Allison Library, and is availble for use by any library patron. Please ask a librarian if you wish to use any of the materials from this file. The materials are organized by subject.

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Van Til, Cornelius

Frame, John.  Van Til: The Theologian.  1976. 38pp.
Oliphint, K. Scott.  Cornelius van Til and the Reformation of Christian Apologetics.  1989. 31pp. (missing)
van Til, Cornelius.  Bavinck the Theologian.  1961. 17pp.
van Til, Cornelius.  Toynbee on Christianity.  1961. 34pp.
Vickers, Douglas.  Cornelius Van Til and the Theologian's Theological Stance.  n.d. 16pp.

Vineyard Churches

Miscellaneous materials including information about the Toronto Airport Vineyard. 1994 - 1995. 13pp.


Atwood, R. A., Hugen, B. et. al.  The Christian and Social Science/Work.  1998. 22pp.
Hoitenga, Dewey J.  Christianity and the Professions.  n.d. 14pp.

Voegelin, Eric

Simon, Derek.  The Pneumatic Foundation of Political Theology in Voegelin.  1998. 14pp.
Zylstra, Bernard.  Voegelin on Unbelief and Revolution.  1976. 12pp.

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Waltke, Bruce

Barker, Kenneth, and Bruce Waltke.  Bibliography for Old Testament Exegesis and Exposition.  1970. 38pp. (missing)
Waltke, Bruce. Authority of Proverbs, The. 1987. 14pp.
__________. Characteristics of Wise Parentsn.d. 2pp. [article from Tabletalk, V.19:6]
__________.  Does Proverbs Promise too Much?  n.d. 6pp. [article from CBRF Journal, Issue 128]
__________.  Does Proverbs Promise too Much?  n.d. 2pp. [article from Tabletalk, V.19:5]
__________.  Dogmatic Theology and Relative Knowledge.  1979, 4 pp. [Filed under "Christian Education"]
__________. Evangelical Spirituality: A Biblical Scholar's Perspective.  1988. 15pp.
__________. Fear of the LORD, The.  n.d. 6pp. [article from CBRF Journal, Issue 128]
__________.  Foundations for Theology. n.d. 2pp. [article from Tabletalk, V.19:11]
__________.  Fruit of His Mouth, The. n.d. 3pp. [article from Tabletalk, V.19:3]
__________.  God Humbles Proud Humanity. n.d. 1p. [article from Tabletalk, V.19:12]
__________.  Introducing Proverbs. n.d. 6pp. [article from CBRF Journal, Issue 128].
__________.  Lady Wisdom as Mediatrix: An exposition of Proverbs 1:20-33. 1988. 15pp. [Reprint from Presbyterian, V14(1988).]
__________.  Wealth and Poverty. n.d. 2pp. [article from Tabletalk, V.19:4]
__________.  What is Wisdom? n.d. 1p. [article from Tabletalk, V.19:1]

Waltke, Bruce (Trans. of Gesenius)

Waltke, Bruce. Translation of work by Gesenius on the Samaritan Codex. n.d. 57pp.


Lutheran Church in America.  Conscientious Objection.  1968. 3pp.

Wesley, John

Edwards, Maldwyn L.  John Wesley.  1966. 22pp.
Wallace, Charles.  Simple and Recollected: John Wesley's Life-style.  1977. 14pp.

Will of God

Little, Paul E.  Affirming the Will of God.  1971. 34pp.

Wisdom Literature

(file missing)

Jenks, Alan W.  Theological Presuppositions of Israel's Widsom Literature.  1985. 22pp.


Athyal, Sakhi.  Women in Mission.  1993. 16pp.
Birney, Leroy.  The Role of Women in the N.T. Church.  1971. 21pp.
Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. CBMW News. 3 issues: August 1995, November 1995, June 1996.
Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schussler.  The Biblical Roots for the Discipleship of Equals.  1980. 10pp.
Irvin, Dorothy.  The Ministry of Women in the Early Church: The Archaeological Evidence.  1980. 10pp.
Sherwin, Susan.  The Place of Gender in the Conception of Justice.  1991. 9pp.
Young, Iris Marion.  Rethinking Justice and Gender.  1991. 16pp.


Morris, Leon.  Christian Worship.  1965. 15pp
Orthodox Fellowship of Saint John the Baptist, Calendar and Lectionary for 1988. 44pp.
Witvliet, John D.  So You've Been Asked to Plan a Worship Service. 1999. 23pp.

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Yoder, John Howard

Yoder, John Howard.  A la recherche du Bucer de l'histoire.  1976. 16pp.
_________.  The Apostle's Apology Revisited.  1980. 19pp. (missing)p.
_________.  The Apostle's Apology Revisited.  1980. 19pp. [in Klassen, William (ed). The New Way of Jesus: essays presented to Howard Charles. 1972. 115-134]
_________.  Reformed versus Anabaptist Social Strategies: The Limits of a Typology.  1979. 14pp.
_________.  Reinhold Niebuhr and Christian Pacifism.  1953. 23pp.
_________.  Walk and Word: The Alternative to Methodologism.  1998. 17pp. [in Beaty, Michael et. al. Christian Theism and Moral Philosophy. 1998181-198.]

Yoder's Defenders and Critics

Guroian, Vigen.  Tradition and Ethics: Prospects in a Liberal Society.  1991. 19pp.
Johnson, James Turner.  Historical Tradition and Moral Judgment: The Case of Just War Tradition.  1984. 18pp.
Miller, Richard B.  Christian Pacifism and Just-War Tenets: How Do They Diverge?  1986. 24pp.
Mouw, Richard J.  Jesus and Political Authority.  1991. 14pp.
Neufeld, Mark.  Responding to Realism: Assessing Anabaptist Alternatives.  1994. 19pp.
Okholm, Dennis.  Defending the Cause of the Christian Church: Karl Barth's Justification of War.  1987. 18pp.
Zimbelman, Joel.  The Contribution of John Howard Yoder to Recent Discussions in Christian Social Ethics.  1992. 22pp.
Bibliography of Works by and about John Howard Yoder. n.d. 4pp.

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