Research Guides

Using the Collections at Other Campus Libraries

Students who are currently registered for 4 or more credits at Regent College or Carey Theological College and have paid Student Services fees may use other campus libraries at no extra charge.  Each library has its own policies and circulation procedures.  Please speak to the staff, or check the website, at each library for information about obtaining a library card.

Vancouver School of Theology

Similar in size to that of the Allison Library, the VST MacMillan Library compliments that of the Allison Library substantially.  VST collection strengths are in documents relating to the Anglican, United, and Presbyterian churches, as well as providing a wider selection of older materials than does the Allison Library.  The library catalogues of the  VST Library and the John Richard Allison Library are combined and can be searched together or separately from the main page of the catalogue.

St. Mark’s College

This small library, located in St. Mark’s College near Carey Theological College, is especially useful for materials related to the Roman Catholic Church.  They also carry full runs of several important journals that Regent does not have.  All holdings are searchable on their library site.

The University of British Columbia

The UBC library system has many branches on the UBC campus.  Regent and Carey students will find many resources in the UBC collection that are useful to their studies.  UBC also offers numerous on-line and CD ROM databases.  Most of these resources, as well as reference services, are located on level two of the Koerner Library building.