The Allison Library offers several types of workshops to help students improve their researching and writing skills. 

Listening Skills Workshop (for EAL Students)
This workshop aims to help students who struggle to understand their professors in class by teaching listening skills. 
February 4, 3-4pm
March 3, 4-5pm

Note-Taking Skills Workshop
This workshop aims to help students who struggle with note-taking in class by teaching different note-taking methods. 
February 4, 4-5pm
March 3, 3-4pm

Evaluating Sources
This workshop helps students know what to look for and how to interpret information about a source in order to determine its usefulness for research. 
February 13, 1-2pm
March 3, 1-2pm

Citation Management
This workshop shows students how to use Zotero (a free citation management tool) to organize their research, avoid plagiarism, create in-text citations, and easily format bibliographies. 
March 9, 1-2pm
March 18, 1-2pm

Handling Rare Books
This workshop shows students how to use rare books, including rules for handling, searching for rare books in the catalogue, and how to determine the format of a rare book. 
March 17, 3-4pm