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Art in the Stacks Art in the Stacks is a semi-permanent rotating gallery in the John Richard Allison Library. Born out of Regent College's ongoing commitment to beauty, Art in the Stacks showcases art by artists whose work expresses, interrogates, or explores theological, spiritual, or natural themes. Designed with beauty in mind, the library’s natural light and large glass windows enrich the study space and create a perfect environment in which to showcase art. Every few months a new artist will be added to the Art in the Stacks exhibit.

You can view the current collections on the walls of the Allison Library. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact [email protected]


The Library regularly hosts Artist Talks featuring artists from the Art in the Stacks exhibit. Stay tuned for upcoming Talks!

Featured Artists

Chantelle Cook (May 15 - Nov 15 2024)

Art in the Stacks is pleased to welcome a new collection: Recollections 

Artist Statement:

My artistic journey began in childhood, nurtured by mentors and a lifelong passion for painting. Drawing from old photographs and fleeting moments, I aim to evoke nostalgia through deliberate colour manipulation, inviting viewers to reflect on shared human experiences. Each brushstroke serves as a window to the past, encouraging introspection and dialogue across generations. Through my work, I explore the multifaceted nature of existence, inviting viewers to contemplate the subtle complexities of the human experience.

Artist Bio:

Canadian-born artist now based in Orlando, Florida, Chantelle brings her diverse cultural experiences to life through transformative oil paintings. With a background that includes time in Liverpool, UK, her art reflects a rich tapestry of life's travels. Exhibiting in Canada and the UK, including at venues like the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery and Liverpool Art Fair, Chantelle now showcases her work in esteemed Orlando showcases such as the Oakland Arts and Heritage Center, SObo Gallery, and Artscapes at Quantum Leap Winery. A career highlight was an invitation to lead an artist workshop, "Meet the Makers," at the Tate Gallery Liverpool, stemming from her innovative "Knit Toxteth" project. Chantelle's art transcends borders, blending cultural influences to captivate audiences worldwide.

Chantelle along with her husband and 3 children have lived in small towns and city’s in Canada, England and Germany before relocating to Orlando, Florida. Chantelle’s connection to Regent goes back many years to when her husband Ryan was a student. She is also a longtime friend of Shandelle, the Library Administrative Assistant. Keep your eye out for Chantelle’s all new full gallery show at the Dal Schindal Gallery next year.


Stephanie Martens (March - August 2024)

The Allison Library is pleased to announce a new exhibit from Regent graduate Stephanie Martens. Her work draws inspiration from a deep exploration of scripture and church history. As a graphic designer, Stephanie grapples with the challenge of infusing spirituality into her craft, addressing concerns about its susceptibility to manipulation. Through Old Stones, Stephanie seeks to inspire faith in others by graphically interpreting words and concepts from Christian history that foster contemplation and reflection. You can also see her work in our library entrance as she designed both the history of God's word timeline and the St. John's Bible display.

Bailey Carrick (December 2023 - May 2024)

Bailey is the program coordinator for Creative Life, an arts program for vulnerable youth in Vancouver. She completed an MDiv at Regent College, and a BA in Community Art from Wheaton College. Bailey's artistic practice grows out of the conviction that art is vital to personal, communal and spiritual formation. Bailey's Artist Statement on her collection Word//Flesh: As we progress further into a world of technology & information, we progress away from Life and Wisdom. God created us out of earth in the garden and breathed into our nostrils the same breath by which he spoke the world into existence. He gave us bodily senses and intellectual understanding. He gave us Nature and Scripture. He gave us word and flesh. And then, he became the Word in flesh, so that we might know him and find Life and Wisdom in Him. My hope is that this art will accompany you in your pursuit of Life & Wisdom. Bailey's collection is featured on the West and East walls of the Library.

Previous Artists 

Klee Larsen (July 2023 - November 2023)

Klee Larsen is a Vancouver-based visual artist who uses the horizon lines in nature as her inspiration. She attended school for photography in 2007 at Focal Point School in Vancouver. Born into a family of artists, creating and making messes was a part of her everyday life as a child on Salt Spring Island. Both her parents are established painters and her sister is a celebrated ceramic artist. Klee loves to combine old and new technologies by using film and then digitizing the image. Working with film gives Klee her favourite result; grain from high-speed film and being able to work with large negatives. Painting and silver leafing have become an integral part of her practice. Her images are printed on mylar paper to give a translucent look to the print, which is then sealed with resin and finished with cold wax for a matte surface. Both Klee and her sister Janika have had an exhibit in the Dal Schindal Gallery. You can find Klee in her studio at 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver. Visit her website for more details about her work.

Richard Charter 

Richard Charter headshot

Multidisciplinary artist and composer Richard Charter is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Richard’s compositions explore resonance and electronic treatment of acoustic sound, often in the form of soundscape, sound installation, and drone. As a composer, Richard’s music takes its creative impetus from visual art, in much the same way that his visual art is inspired by music. Richard received a MMus in composition from the University of Victoria in 2020, and a BMus in piano performance from Ambrose University in 2015. Richard has many connections to Regent College; he was an intern with The Table Church in Victoria, all of the church's pastoral leadership are Regent alumni, and he is a long-time friend of the Circulation Coordinator in the Allison Library, Colton Whelpton. Visit Richard's website to learn more about his music and art.

Gillian Mclean 

Headshot of artist Gillian Mclean

Featured are select pieces from Lost and Found, a solo exhibition by Gillian Mclean. In this body of work, Gillian explores themes of place, grief and identity. Gillian spent a number of years living and working in Whistler, and finds inspiration for her colour palettes from the natural world.  Lost and found was presented in partial fulfillment of her Integrated Project in the Arts and Theology (IPAT) for the completion of her Masters of Arts in Theological Studies at Regent College. Gillian is an avid Snow Boarder, having grown up in BC and spent years in Alberta, Vancouver, Whistler and New Zealand. She holds a Bachelor of Fine arts from the University of Lethbridge and a Music Diploma from Red Deer Polytechnic and will be completing her MATS at Regent College in 2023.

Laura Jane Klassen 

Headshot of artist Laura Jane Klassen

Multidisciplinary artist Laura Jane Klassen is based in Vancouver, Canada. With a paintbrush in hand, she was inspired from a young age by the surrounding natural rainforest and botanical gardens. Klassen’s playful energy and charismatic personality infuse her creative work juxtaposing the west coast monochromatic landscape. Her love for cultural street fashion influences her electric colour palettes within an abstract, pop art style. While obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design she fell in love with utilizing art to help restore communities and bring hope through the work she produces. Soon after, Klassen spent four years leading a youth arts initiative in the Downtown Eastside focusing on mentorship through art-making. Driven by her love of colour and people, Klassen has distilled a manifold of vibrant themes in Vancouver, India and Haiti ranging from canvases to large city murals. Laura Jane Klassen has been showing her work in Canadian art galleries since 2012, and plans to display her original artwork onto an apparel collection in the near future. Her most recent works can be seen on her website, at laurajaneklassen.

Michelle Leone Huisman 

Headshot of artist Michelle Leone Huisman

Michelle is a fine art photographer, mother of two, and community advocate. She graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University with a Bachelor in Photo Arts (Stills) with honours (1995/96), and Emily Carr University of Art + Design Photographic Arts (2009-2010). After graduating from TMU, she traveled to Nepal, Laos, Thailand, and all over Europe. These travels helped shape her artistic vision and added to her drive to support her community. In 2021, Michelle toured her photographic exhibition An Unexpected Collection, featuring photographs of wooden spoons broken during the banging of pots for the 7PM cheer for first responders. To learn more about her work and collections, visit Michelle's website here.

Bettina Stumm

Bettina Stumm headshot

Bettina grew up in Ontario and has lived most of her adult life in Vancouver, BC. She is a published author, academic, and artist who is passionate about all things creative. She is especially interested in the connections between embodiment, spirituality, and visual art and the ways that creative practices can bring joy to our lives as well as help us navigate challenging circumstances. With a doctorate in English Literature from UBC, Bettina has written extensively on the ethical potential that creative acts have in the world. She has also taught for many years both in and outside academia. Most recently her art has explored abstract expressions of illness and disability, and perceptual experiences of light in her visual meditations on beauty, brokenness, and spiritual longing. Visit Bettina’s website here.