Please join us for any of the following library training sessions:

Introduction to Library Research Skills

This session will introduce you to the substantial library resources available to you as a Regent student, which will help you a great deal in your research. Included are illustrations of the key features of the Allison Library and UBC Library websites, and overviews of how to find books and articles and use specialized databases.

When and where: TBA.

Finding Journal Articles

This session provides more in-depth guidance on how to search for journal articles using the resources of both the Allison Library and UBC Library. Included are demonstrations of how to read bibliographic citations and how to locate the full text or print version of an article when you have a citation in hand. Also included are specialized search strategies for finding journal articles for scripture passages.

When and where: TBA.

Citation Management: Using Zotero

Managing research citations is an essential part of the research process. Learn how to use Zotero (a free citation management tool) to organize your research, avoid plagiarism, create in-text citations, and easily format bibliographies.

When and where: TBA