Art In The Stacks: Recollection

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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Our new Art in the Stacks exhibit, Chantelle Cook's "Recollection" is on display until November 15.


Chantelle Cook is a Canadian-born artist currently based in Orlando, Florida, with a  creative journey that has woven through various cultural landscapes, including a notable stint in Liverpool, UK. Primarily a painter who wields the transformative power of oils, Chantelle's work resonates with layers of experience, echoing the diverse tapestry of her life's travels. Her artistic footprint spans across both Canada and the UK, with  exhibitions gracing prestigious venues such as the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery in  Western Canada, and the vibrant art scene of Liverpool, where her pieces found a home in events like the Liverpool Art Fair. In Orlando, Florida, Chantelle's work has been featured in esteemed showcases including the Oakland Arts and Heritage Center, the SObo Gallery in Winter Garden, and the Artscape’s show at Quantum Leap Winery.  Her presence in these spaces infuses a blend of cultural influences, showcasing a rich  spectrum of expression that transcends borders. 

One of the highlights of Chantelle's career was being invited to conduct an artist workshop titled "Meet the Makers" at the Tate Gallery Liverpool. This invitation stemmed from her ground-breaking project titled "Knit Toxteth," a community-based, socially engaged art endeavor that utilized the medium of "Knit Bombing" to spark connection and dialogue. Inspired by the collaborative works of Aleksandra Mir's "Space Tapestry,"  Chantelle's workshop at the Tate Gallery Liverpool was a testament to her commitment to art as a catalyst for community engagement and exploration. 

In each stroke of her brush, Chantelle Cook invites viewers into a world where  geographical boundaries blur, and the universal language of art speaks volumes. Her journey, marked by a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and a passion for  community connection, continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. 


As an artist, my journey began long before I can recall, ingrained in the very essence of  how I perceive the world. However, it was during my formative years, guided by the mentorship of a remarkable artist, that my passion for painting ignited and flourished. Since then, I have been devoted to refining my craft and nurturing my unique artistic voice. 

Drawing inspiration predominantly from old photographs and candid moments frozen in time, I am drawn to the allure of the past. Within those sepia-toned memories and faded snapshots lie a wealth of stories waiting to be unearthed and retold through my brushstrokes. Through deliberate manipulation of color, I strive to evoke a sense of somber nostalgia, weaving a delicate balance between hues that transport viewers to simpler times. 

Central to my artistic vision is the desire to evoke introspection and imagination in those who engage with my work. By presenting scenes from yesteryears, I invite viewers to immerse themselves in the narrative, to ponder the stories behind the strokes, and perhaps, to find echoes of their own experiences intertwined within the canvas. In this way, my paintings serve as windows to the past, encouraging dialogue between generations and fostering a deeper connection to our shared human history. In every brushstroke, I endeavor to capture the essence of moments long gone, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and reflection. Through my art, I aspire to evoke a profound emotional response, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of those who encounter it. 

Additionally, my work often alludes to the nuanced complexity of human experience, hinting at stories that may harbor subtle shades of melancholy or hidden depths, inviting viewers to contemplate the multifaceted nature of existence.