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Many of our Puritan books from the Houston-Packer collection, as well as recently acquired rare books, have been digitized or are in the process of being digitized. For a full list of digitized works, see below. 


A – B


Abernethy, John. Sermons on various subjects: with a large preface containing the life of the author. 1751. Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 

Ainsworth, Henry. Annotations vpon the five bookes of Moses, the booke of the Psalmes, and the Song of Songs, or Canticles: vvherein the Hebrevv vvords and sentences, are compared with, and explained by the ancient . . . 1639. Read online

Ainsworth, Henry. The commvnion of saincts: a treatise of the fellowship, that the faithfull haue with God, and his angels, and one with an other, . . .1628. Read online

Alleine, Joseph. A sure guide to Heaven, or, An earnest invitation to sinners to turn to God, in order to their eternal . . . 1691. Read online

Alleine, Joseph. The grounds and principles of Christian religion, contained in a short catechism: with the proofs thereof out of the Scriptures. 1687. Read online

Alleine, Richard. The godly man's portion and sanctuary: being a second part of Vindiciæ pietatis. 1664? Read online

Ambrose, Isaac. Looking unto Jesus: a view of the everlasting Gospel, or,The souls eying of Jesus, as carrying on the great work of mans salvation from first to last. 1658. Read Online and 1674. Read Online

Ambrose, Isaac. Ministration of and communion with angels. 1673. Read online

Ambrose, Isaac. Redeeming the time: a sermon preached at Preston in Lancashire, January 4th 1657, at the funeral of the honourable lady, the Lady Margaret Houghton . . . 1674. Read online

Ambrose, Isaac. The compleat works of that eminent minister of God's Word Mr. Isaac Ambrose: consisting of these following treaties, viz. prima, . . . 1674. Read online

Ambrose, Isaac. The doctrine and directions, but more especially, the practice and behaviour of a man in the act of the new birth, . . . 1673. Read online

Ambrose, Isaac. Ultima, the last things, in reference to the first & middle things, or, certain meditations on life, death, judgement, Hell, right purgatory, and Heaven . . . 1674. Read online

Ambrose, Isaac. War with devils. n.d. Read online

Andrewes, Lancelot. The pattern of catechistical doctrine at large: or, A learned and pious exposition of the Ten Commandments, with . . . 1675. 3rd ed. Read online

Andrewes, Lancelot. XCVI sermons. 1635. 3rd ed. Read online

Annesley, Samuel (compiled by). The morning-exercise at Cripplegate: or, Several cases of conscience practically resolved by sundry ministers, September, 1661. 1664. Read online

Arrowsmith, John. Armilla catechetica: = A chain of principles; or, An orderly concatenation of theological aphorismes and . . . 1659. Read online


Babington, Gervase. A verie fruitfull exposition of the Commandements by way of questions and answers for greater plainnesse: together with . . . 1615. Read online

Ball, John. A treatise of faith, divided into two parts: the first shewing the nature, The second, the life of faith: Both tending to . . . 1637. 3rd ed. Read online

Barrow, Isaac. A treatise of the pope's supremacy: to which is added a discourse concerning the unity of the church. 1852. Read online

Bates, William. A funeral-sermon for the reverend, holy and excellent divine, Mr. Richard Baxter, . . . 1692. 2nd ed. Read online

Bates, William. Sermons upon death and eternal judgment . . . 1683. Read online

Bates, William. Spiritual perfection, unfolded and enforced, from 2 Cor. VII. 1. 1699. Read online

Bates, William. The harmony of the divine attributes in the contrivance and accomplishment of man's redemption by the Lord Jesus Christ: or, Discourses, wherein is . . . 1675. 2nd ed. Read online

Bates, William. The works of the late Reverend and learned William Bates, D.D. Containing, I. Discourses on the existence of God. . .1700. Read online

Bayly, Lewis. The practice of pietie: directing a Christian how to walke that he may please God. 1632. 30th. ed. Read online

Baynes, Paul. An entire commentary vpon the vvhole epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians: wherein the text is learnedly and . . . 1643. Read online

Baxter, Richard. A call to the unconverted: to which are added several valuable essays. 1829. Read online

Baxter, Richard. A Christian directory: or, A summ of practical theologie, and cases of conscience . . . in four parts . . . 1673. Read online

Baxter, Richard. Against the revolt to a foreign jurisdiction, which would be to England its perjury, church-ruine, and slavery: in two parts. . . . 1691. Read online

Baxter, Richard. A paraphrase on the New Testament: with notes, doctrinal and practical, to which is added . . . 1701. 3rd. ed. Read online

Baxter, Richard. A saint or a brute: the certain necessity and excellency of holiness, &c. So plainly proved, and . . . 1662. Read online

Baxter, Richard. A sermon preached at the funeral of that holy, painful . . . 1678. Read online

Baxter, Richard. A treatise of self-denyall. 1660. Read online

Baxter, Richard. A treatise of episcopacy: confuting by Scripture, reason, and the churches testimony that sort of diocesan churches, prelacy and government, which casteth out the primitive church-species, episcopacy, ministry and . . . 1681.  Read online

Baxter, Richard. Church-history of the government of bishops and their councils abbreviated : including the chief . . . 1680. Read online

Baxter, Richard. Five disputations of church-government and worship. 1659. Read online

Baxter, Richard. Naked popery, or, The naked falshood of a book called The Catholick naked truth, or, . . . 1677. Read online

Baxter, Richard. Of justification: four disputations clearing and amicably defending the truth, against the unnecessary oppositions of divers learned and reverend brethren. 1658. Read online

Baxter, Richard. Reliquiæ Baxterianæ: or, Mr. Richard Baxter's narrative of the most memorable passages of his life and times. 1696. Read online

Baxter, Richard. Rich: Baxter's confession of his faith especially concerning the interest of repentance and sincere obedience to Christ, in our justification & salvation . . . 1655. Read online

Baxter, Richard. Richard Baxter's Catholick theologie, plain, pure, peaceable, for pacification of the dogmatical word-warriours who, 1. By . . . 1675. Read online

Baxter, Richard. Roman tradition examined: as it is urged as infallible against all mens senses, reason, the Holy Scripture, the tradition and . . . 1676. Read online

Baxter, Richard. Select practical writings of Richard Baxter: with a life of the author.  Volume 1 Volume 2

Baxter, Richard. The crucifying of the world by the cross of Christ: with . . . 1658. Read online

Baxter, Richard. The cure of church-divisions: or, Directions for weak Christians, to keep them from being dividers, or troublers of the church. With some directions to the pastors, how to deal with such Christians. 1670. Read online

Baxter, Richard. The English nonconformity: as under King Charles II. and King James II / truly stated and argued. 1689. Read online

Baxter, Richard. The life of faith: in three parts . . . 1670. Read online

Baxter, Richard. The nonconformists plea for peace, or, An account of their judgment in certain things in which they are misunderstood: written to . . . 1679. Read online

Baxter, Richard. The poetical fragments of Richard Baxter. 1821. Read online

Baxter, Richard. The poor man's family book: I. teaching him how to become a true Christian, 2. how to live as a Christian, towards God, himself and . . . 1675. 2nd ed. Read online

Baxter, Richard. The right method for a setled peace of conscience, and spiritual comfort in 32 directions / written for the use of a troubled friend, . . . 1657. 3rd. ed. Read online

Baxter, Richard. The saint's everlasting rest: or, A treatise on the blessed state of the saints, in their enjoyment of God in heaven. Also, . . . 1765. Read online

Baxter, Richard. The saints' everlasting rest. 1824. Read online

Blake, Thomas. Vindiciae foederis: or, A treatise of the covenant of God entered with man-kinde, in the several kindes and degrees of it in which . . . 1653. Read online

Bolton, Robert. A three-fold treatise containing the saints, sure and peretuall guide, selfe-enriching examination, soule-fatting fasting: or, Meditations, concerning the Word, the sacrament of the Lords Supper, and . . . 1634. Read online

Bolton, Robert. Instrvctions For a Right comforting Afflicted Conciences: VVith speciall Antidotes against some grievous Temptations. Delivered for the most part in the Lecture at Kettering in Northhamptonshire. 1640. 3rd ed. Read online

Bolton, Robert. Some generall directions for a comfortable walking with God: deliuered in the lecture at Kettering in Northhamptonshire, with enlargement: by Robert Bolton . . . 1634. Read online

Bolton, Robert. The workes of the reverend, truly pious, and iudiciously learned Robert Bolton . . . 1641. Read online

Boston, Thomas. A view of the covenant of grace from the sacred records wherein the parties in that covenant, the making of it, its parts . . .  1755. Read online

Boston, Thomas. Human nature in its fourfold state: of primitive integrity, entire depravation, begun recovery, and consummate happiness or misery. Subsisting in  . . . 1769. 18th ed. Read online

Boston, Thomas. Memoirs of the life, time, and writings, of the reverend and learned Thomas Boston. 1805. Read online

Bridge, William. The works of William Bridge . . . 1649. Read online

Brightman, Thomas. The Revelation of St. Iohn: illustrated with an analysis & scholions wherein the sense is opened by the Scripture . . . 1644. 4th ed. Read online

Brook, Benjamin. The lives of the Puritans: containing a biographical account of those divines who distinguished themselves in the cause of religious liberty, from the reformation under Queen Elizabeth . . . 1813. Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3

Brooks, Thomas. A cabinet of choice jevvels or, A box of precious ointment: Being a plain discovery of what men are worth for eternity, and how 'tis like to go with them in another world . . . 1669. Read online

Brown, John. The life of justification opened, or, A treatise grounded upon Gal. 2, II [i.e. 3.11]: wherein . . . 1695. Read online

Bunyan, John. Divine emblems, or, Temporal things spiritualized: fitted for the use of boys and girls . . . 1793. Read online

Bunyan, John. Grace abounding to the chief of sinners, or, A brief and faithful relation of the exceeding mercy of God in Christ to . . . 1692. Read online

Bunyan, John. The barren fig-tree; or, The doom and downfall of the fruitless professor, shewing that the day of Grace may be past with him long before his life is ended . . . 1762. Read online

Burgess, Anthony. Spiritual refining: or, A treatise of grace and assurance wherein are handled the doctrine of assurance, the use of signs in self-examination, how . . . 1652. Read online

Burgess, Anthony. Spiritual refining, part II : or, A treatise of sinne with its causes, differences, mitigations and aggravations . . . 1654. Read online

Burroughs, Jeremiah. Gospel conversation: wherein is shewed I. How the conversation of beleevers must be above . . . 1653. Read online

Burroughs, Jeremiah.  Gospel remission: or, A treatise shewing that true blessedness consists in pardon of sin, being several . . . 1674. 2nd ed. Read online

Burroughs, Jeremiah. Gospel-revelation in three treatises: viz. 1. The nature of God. 2. The excellence of . . . 1660. Read online

Burroughs, Jeremiah. Gospel-worship: or, The right manner of sanctifying the name of God in general : and particularly in these three great ordinances : viz. 1. Hearing of the world, 2. Receiving the Lords supper, 3. Prayer. 1658. Read online

Burroughs, Jeremiah. Moses his self-denyall: delivered in a treatise upon Hebrews 11, the 24 verse. 1649. Read online

Burroughs, Jeremiah. The eighth book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs: being a treatise of the evil of evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is . . .  1654. Read online

Burroughs, Jeremiah. The excellency of a gracious spirit: delivered in a treatise upon the 14 of Numbers, vers. 24 : together with Moses, his self-deniall. 1649. Read online

Burroughs, Jeremiah. The rare jewel of Christian contentment. Wherein is shewed: 1 What contentment is. 2 The holy art or mystery of it. 3 Several lessons that Christ teacheth to work the heart to contentment . . . 1670. Read online

Burton, Robert. The anatomy of melancholy: what it is, with all the kinds causes, symptomes, prognostickes & seuerall cures of it . . . 1638. 5th ed. Read online

C – F


Calamy, Edmund, Thomas Horton, Thomas Manton. Farewel Sermons preached by Mr. Calamy, Dr. Manton [and others] ... Together with Mr. Calamies sermon at the funeral of Mr. Ash . . . 1663. Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practical observations upon the three first chapters of the book of Job: . . . 1669. Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practical observations continued upon the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh chapters of the book of Job: . . . 1671. Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practical observations continued upon the eighth, ninth and tenth chapters of the book of Job: . . . 1669.  Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practicall observations continued upon the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth and fourteen chapters of the book of Job: . . . 1670. Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practical observations continued upon the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth chapters of the book of Job: . . . 1671.  Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practicall observations continued upon the eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-one chapters of the book of Job: . . . 1658. Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practical observations continued upon the twenty-second, twenty-third, and twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth, and twenty-sixth chapters of the book of Job: . . . 1659. Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practical observations continued upon the twenty-seventh, the twenty-eighth, and twenty-ninth chapters of the book of Job: . . . 1670. Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practicall observations continued upon the thirtieth and thirty first chapters of the booke of Job: . . . 1659. Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practical observations continued upon the thirty second, the thirty third, and the thirty fourth chapters of the book of Job: . . . 1669. Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practical observations continued upon the thirty-fifth, thirty-sixth, and thirty-seventh chapters of the book of Job: . . . 1664. Read online

Caryl, Joseph. An exposition with practical observations continued upon the thirty-eighth, thirty-ninth, fortieth, forty-first, and forty-second (being the five last) chapters of the Book of Job: . . . 1666. Read online

Clarke, Samuel. Medulla theologiæ; or, The marrovv of divinity: contained in sundry questions and cases of conscience, both speculative, and . . . 1659. Read online

Clayton, Ellen C. Notable women : stories of their lives and characteristics: a book for young ladies. 1860. Read online

Cleaver, Robert. A plaine and familiar exposition of the first and second chapters of the Prouerbes of Salomon. 1614. Read online


Davenant, John. Animadversions upon a treatise intitled, Gods love to mankind. 1641. Read online

Dod, John.  A plaine and familiar exposition of the ninth and tenth chapters of the Prouerbs of Salomon. 1606. Read online

Dod, John.  A plaine and familiar exposition of the eleuenth and twelfth chapters of the Prouerbs of Salomon. 1612. Read online

Dod, John.  A plaine and familiar exposition: of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth chapters of the Prouerbs of Salomon. 1610. Read online

Dod, John. A plaine and familiar exposition of the ten commandments: with a methodical short catechisme containing briefly the principall grounds of Christian religion. n.d. Read online

Downame, George. A godly and learned treatise of prayer: which both conteineth in it the doctrine of . . . 1640. Read online

Downame, John. Foure treatises, tending to disswade all Christians from foure no lesse hainous than common sinnes, namely. . . 1613. Read online

Downame, John. The Christian warfare: wherein is first generally shewed the malice, power and politike stratagems . . . Vol. 1. 1608. 2nd. ed. Read online

Downame, John. The second part of the Christian warfare: or, The contempt of the world, tending to arme and confirme the weake Christian ... (Vol 2). 1611. Read online

Downame, John. The summe of sacred diuinitie first briefly & methodically propounded: and then more largly & cleerely handled and explaned. 1628. Read online

Durham, James. Heaven upon earth: in the serene tranquillity and calm composure, in the sweet peace and solid joy of a good conscience . . . 1732. Read online

Dyke, Daniel. The mystery of selfe-deceiving, or, A discovuse and discovery of the deceitfulnesse of mans heart. 1642. Read online


Edwards, Jonathan. A treatise concerning religious affections in three parts; Part I. Concerning the nature of the affections, and their importance in religion. Part II. . . 1746. Read online


Featly, Daniel. Threnoikos: the house of mourning, furnished with directions for preparations to meditations of consolations at the hour of death: delivered in . . . 1672. Read online

Fenner, William. A treatise of the affections: or, The soules pulse, wherby a Christian may know whether he be living or dying, . . . 1642. Read online

Fenner, William. The souls looking-glasse, lively representing its estate before God: with a treatise . . . 1651. Read online

Fenner, William. The works of the learned and faithful minister of Gods word ... : in four treatises. To which is annexed . . . 1651. Read online

Fenner, William. Wilfull impenitency the grossest self-murder: all they who are guilty of it, apprehended, tried, and condemned in these . . .  1658. 5th. ed. Read online

Fleming, Robert. The confirming work of religion. 1743. Read online

Fonseca, Christobel de. Devout contemplations: expressed in two and fortie sermons upon all ye quadragesimall gospells. 1629. Read online

Fox, John. Acts and monuments of matters most special and memorable, happening in the church: with an universal history of the same : wherein is set forth at large, the whole race and course of the church . . . 1684. 9th ed. Read online

Fraser, James. A treatise concerning justifying or saving faith: wherein the nature of faith is largely handled; particularly, what respects the act of faith; the manner of . . . 1722. Read online

G – L


Goodwin, Thomas. The tryall of a Christians growth: in mortification, vivification, or purging out corruption. Bringing forth . . . 1650. Read online

Goodwin, Thomas. The vanity of thovghts discovered: with their danger and cvre. 1637. Read online

Goodwin, Thomas. The works of Thomas Goodwin, D.D., sometime president of Magdalene Colledge in Oxford. Various dates. Volume 1 Volume 2

Greenham, Richard. The workes of the reverend and faithfull servant of Jesus Christ, M. Richard Greenham, minister and preacher of the word of God. 1601. 3rd ed. Read online

Grey, Zachary. An impartial examination of the second volume of Mr. Daniel Neal's History of the Puritans: in which the reflections of that author, upon King James I. and King Charles I. are proved to be . . . 1736. Read online

Grosse, Alexander. Sweet and soule-perswading inducements leading unto Christ . . . 1632. Read online

Grosse, Alexander. The happines of enjoying and making a trve and speedy use of Christ: setting forth, first,. . .1647. Read online

Gurnall, William. The Christian in compleat armour: or, A treatise of the saints war against the devil, wherein a discovery is made of that grand enemy of God and his people . . . 1655. Read online


Hale, Matthew. The judgment of the late Lord Chief Justice Sir Matthew Hale, . . . 1684. Read online

Hall, Joseph. The works of Joseph Hall, B. of Norwich: vvith a table now added to the same. 1647. Read online

Harley, Brilliana Lady. Letters of the Lady Brilliana Harley, wife of Sir Robert Harley, of Brampton Bryan, knight of the Bath. 1854. Read online

Heywood, Oliver. Closet-prayer a Christian duty, or, A treatise upon Mat. VI, 6. tending to prove that worship of God in secret is the indispensible duty of all Christians . . . 1687. Read online

Heywood, Oliver. Heart-treasure: or, An essay tending to fil [sic] and furnish the head and heart of every Christian . . ., being the substance of some sermons preached at Coley in Yorkshire on Mat. 12. 35 . . . 1667. Read online

Hieron, Samuel. The sermons of Master Samuel Hieron: formerly collected together by himselfe, and pvblished in one volvme in his lIfe time. 1624. Read online

Hoadly, Benjamin. The reasonableness of conformity to the Church of England represented to the dissenting ministers. . .1703. 2nd. ed. Read online

Hooker, Thomas. The sovles effectvall calling to Christ. 1637. Read online

Hopkins, Ezekiel. The works of the right reverend and learned Ezekiel Hopkins. . . 1710. Read online

Horne, Robert. Of the rich man and Lazarvs : certaine sermons. 1619. Read online

Howe, John. The liviing temple. Part II. Containing animadversions on Spinosa and a French writer pretending to confute him. With a recapitulation of the former part. . . 1702. Read online

Hutchinson, Lucy. Memoirs of the life of Colonel Hutchinson . . . with original anecdotes of many of his most distinguished contemporaries, and a summary review of public affairs. . . 1808. 2d ed. Read online


Jackson, Arthur. A help for the understanding of the Holy Scripture: intended . . . 1643.  Read online


Keach, Benjamin. The display of glorious grace: or, The covenant of peace, opened in fourteen sermons lately preached, in which the errors of . . . 1698. Read online

Keach, Benjamin. Tropologia, a key to open scripture metaphors in four books: to which are prefixed, arguments to prove the divine authority of the Holy Scriptures . . . together with types of the Old Testament; . . . 1779. Read online

M – P


Maddox, Isaac. A vindication of the government, doctrine, and worship, of the Church of England: established in the reign of Queen Elizabeth : against the injurious reflections of Mr. Neal, in his late History of the Puritans  . . . 1740. Read online

Manton, Thomas. A practical commentary, or, An exposition with notes on the Epistle of James: delivered in sundry weekly lectures at Stoke-Newington in Middlesex, neer London. 1651. Read online

Manton, Thomas. A second volume of sermons preached by the late reverend and learned Thomas Manton, D.D. In two parts. The first containing . . .  1684. Read online

Marshall, Walter. The gospel-mystery of sanctification opened : in sundry practical directions, suited especially to the case of those who labour under the guilt and power of indwelling sin . . . 1788. Read online

Mather, Samuel. The figures or types of the Old Testament: by which Christ and the heavenly things of the Gospel were preached and shadowed to . . . 1705. 2nd. ed. Read online

Milton, John. Paradise Lost: a poem in twelve books. 1777. Volume 1 Volume 2

More, Hannah. Moral sketches of prevailing opinions and manners, foreign and domestic: with reflections on prayer. 1820. Read online


Neal, Daniel. The history of the Puritans: or Protestant non-conformists, from the reformation under King Henry VIII, to the Act of Toleration under . . . Vol 1. 1754. 2nd. ed. Volume 1 Volume 2


Owen, John. A discourse concerning the Holy Spirit: wherein an account is given of His name, nature, personality, dispensation . . . 1816. Read online

Owen, John. A practical exposition on the CXXX Psalm: wherein the nature of the forgiveness of sin is declared, . . . 1669. Read online

Owen, John. An enquiry into the original, nature, institution, power, order and communion of evangelical churches: the first part, with . . . 1681. Read online

Owen, John. Christologia: or, A declaration of the glorious mystery of the person of Christ, God and man, with the infinite wisdom, love and power . . . 1679. Read online

Owen, John. Christologia: or, A declaration of the glorious mystery of the person of Christ, God and man, with the infinite . . . 1819. Read online

Owen, John. Exercitations on the Epistle to the Hebrevvs: Also concerning the Messiah. Wherein the promises concerning him to be . . . 1668. Read online

Owen, John. Meditations and discourses on the glory of Christ, in His person, office, and grace. With the differences between faith and sight. Applied unto the use of them that believe. 1684. Read online

Owen, John. The doctrine of justification by faith through the imputation of the righteousness of Christ, explained, confirmed, & vindicated. 1677. Read online

Owen, John. The doctrine of the saints perseverance, explained and confirmed: . . . and vindicated in a full answer to the discourse of . . . 1654. Read online

Owen, John. The forgiveness of sin: illustrated in a practical exposition of Psalm 130. 1800z. Read online

Owen, John. The grace and duty of being spiritually minded, declared and practically improved. 1844. Read online

Owen, John. The works of the late Reverend and learned John Owen: containing several scarce and valuable discourses; with A display of Arminianism. 1721. Read online

Owen, John. Two discourses concerning the Holy Spirit and his work: the one of the Spirit as a comforter; the other, as he is the author of spiritual gifts . . . 1816. Read online


Perkins, William. A case of conscience the greatest that ever was and how . . . 1597. Read online

Perkins, William. A commentarie or exposition vpon the fiue first chapters of the Epistle to the Galatians. 1604. Read online

Perkins, William. A declaration of the trve manner of knovving Christ crucified. 1597. Read online

Perkins, William. A direction for the government of the tongve, according to Gods word. 1597. Read online

Perkins, William. A golden chaine, or, The description of theologie: containing the order of the causes of saluation. 1597. Read online

Perkins, William. A salve for a sicke man: or, a Treatise containing the nature, differences, and kindes of death: as also the right manner . . . 1597. Read online

Perkins, William. An exposition of the Lord's Prayer: in the way of . . . 1597. Read online

Perkins, William. The fovndation of Christian religion: gathered into sixe principles. And it is to be learned of ignorant. 1597. Read online

Perkins, William. Tvvo treatises: I. Of the nature and practise of repentance. II. Of the combat of the flesh and spirit. 1597. 2nd ed. Read online

Perkins, William. The workes of that famous and worthy minister of Christ in the universitie of Cambridge, Mr. William Perkins. 1613. Volume 2 Volume 3

Perkins, William. The vvorkes of that famous and vvorthy minister of Christ in the Vniuersitie of Cambridge, Mr. William Perkins. The first volume: newly corrected . . . 1626. Vol. 1. Read online

Pierson, Thomas. Excellent encouragements against afflictions, or, Expositions of four select Psalmes . . . 1647. Read online

Polhill, Edward. Precious faith considered in its nature, working, and growth. 1675. Read online

Preston, John. A liveles life, or, Mans spirituall death in sinne: wherein is both learnedly and profitably handled these foure doctrines, the spirituall death in . . . 1633. Read online

Preston, John. Fovre godly and learned treatises, intituled, 1. A remedie against Covetousnesse. 2. An elegant and lively description of spirituall death and . . . 1633. 3rd. ed. Read online

Preston, John. Life eternall, or, A treatise of the knowledge of the divine essence and attributes . . . 1634. 4th. ed. Read online

Preston, John. Plenitudo fontis: or Christs fulness and mans emptines. 1655. Read Online

Preston, John.  Remaines of that reverend and learned divine, John Preston. 1637 2nd edition. Read online

Preston, John. Sins overthrow, or, A godly and learned treatise of mortification: wherein is excellently handled first, the generall doctrine of mortification, and . . . 1633. Read online

Preston, John. The doctrine of the saints infirmities. 1638.  Read online

Preston, John. The golden scepter held forth to the humble: With the Chvrches dignitie by her marriage. And the Chvrches dvtie  . . . 1638. Read online

Preston, John. The new covenant, or, The saints portion: a treatise vnfolding the all-sufficiencie of God, man's uprightness, and the covenant of grace: delivered . . . 1634. 8th. ed. Read online

Preston, John. The saints qvalification: or, A treatise I. Of humiliation, in tenne sermons. II. Of sanctification, in nine . . . 1637. 3rd. ed. Read online

Preston, John. Three sermons vpon the sacrament of the Lords Supper. 1631. Read online

Q – Z


Quarles, Francis. Divine poems : containing the history of Jonah, Ester, Job, Sampson. Together with Sions sonnets, elegies . 1669. Read online


Reynolds, Edward. An explication of the hvndreth and tenth Psalme: wherein the severall heads of Christian religion therein contained; touching the exaltation of Christ . . . 1635. Read online

Reynolds, Edward. Israel's prayer in time of trouble with God's gracious answer: an explication of  the fourteenth chapter of Hosea in seven sermons. 1831. Read online

Reynolds, Edward. Three treatises of The vanity of the creature, The sinfullnesse of sinne, The life of Christ: being the substance of severall sermons preached at Lincolns Inne. 1642. 4th. ed., revised and corrected. Read online

Rous, Francis. The arte of happines: consisting of three parts, whereof: The first, searcheth out the happinesse of man. The second, particularly discouers and approues it. The third, . . . 1619. Read online

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