Houston Packer Puritan Collection

Dr. James Houston and Dr. J. I. Packer have generously donated their significant collection of early printed works pertaining to Puritan theology to the John Richard Allison Library. This collection reflects Dr. Houston's and Dr. Packer’s interest in 17th-century works of Puritan and Anglican devotional literature, together with other works of early modern spirituality. 

Special features of the collection include a 1692 edition (7th edition) of John Bunyan’s Grace Abounding, the first printing of his final version; many of Richard Sibbes's sermons printed in the 1640s; the works of William Perkins (1618); and Joseph Symonds’s The Case and Cure of a Deserted Soule (1639), to name but a few. 

The materials from this collection form the nucleus of a centre devoted to the research, study, and appropriation of classic Christian spirituality.

Digitized rare Puritan books from the Allison Library collection can be accessed here: