Jacques Ellul Collection

Jacques Ellul (1912-1994) was one of the broadest and most incisive Christian thinkers of the 20th century.  In addition to his very active participation in French university life (mainly as professor at the University of Bordeaux), he played an important role in the Resistance during World War II, took part in city government briefly after the war, established a local church, served as lay pastor in the French Reformed Church, spearheaded innovative work with delinquents, co-founded the ecology movement in France, and edited "Foi et Vie," a theological journal.  In addition, he published more than 50 books on subjects that varied astonishingly, yet constituted a meaningful and extremely challenging and consistent whole.

The Jacques Ellul Collection at Regent College seeks to offer readers and researchers a complete collection of his books, and most of his articles, as well as many of the references and responses to his work, including interviews and reviews.  These materials have been organized chronologically, following the order of the published Ellul bibliographies.  Significant additions to the collection are anticipated as reaction to Ellul's thought continues to grow.

Two items in the collection that may especially interest Regent library users are issues 1 to 39 of the "Ellul Forum," a publication that seeks to build on Ellul's ideas and apply them to contemporary society, and a book of Ellul's university lectures on Karl Marx's successors, "Les successeurs de Marx" (2007), edited by three Ellul specialists (including two of his former students) who live and work in Paris.  Marva Dawn's dissertation at Notre Dame University (1992) addresses Ellul's view of the Principalities and Powers.